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  1. My brothers been getting into fashion lately and was asking me if I knew anything about Raw Denim. I told him a bit and he asked me to find out what are some good ones to buy that aren't super expensive. Any recommendations?
  2. For things like photoshop, if they learn it now, they'll buy a legitimate copy once they're professional. That's what I'm planning with Final Cut Pro anyway.
  3. However, the first was far better than the second (except for Beercules hahaha :) )
  4. As Azvareth said, it's all about practice. When I was a freshman I was incredibly shy and couldn't stand to be in front of people. Then I joined my schools drama and debate team. From there I performed in front of 1-2 people at a time, and as I got better and more confident and made it further in competitions that 1-2 turned to 3-4, then 5-6, to even a packed full room at times. It really helped ease me into confidence. I even performed in my schools musicals and plays junior and senior year.
  5. He moved into a house with his brother and got a new job last I heard. QueenValerie talks to him on occasion still, I think. She'd be the best connection to him.
  6. First, we would engage on a trip around all of Runescape, frolicking through the cow fields of Lumbridge to dancing in the flax fields of camelot to running through the barbarian agility course, helping noobs all over and advertising for the play we'd put on. Yeah, a play. After our world-wide frolic is over, we'd end in the midst of Juliet's house in Varrock where we would begin a word for word reenactment of the famous window scene from Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet, him as the handsome Romeo, and myself as the lovely Juliet. Upon taking our bows after the show we would teleport where we'd... wait for it... wait for it... HAVE A MAKEOVER PARTY! We'd head over to Falador and first do our hair, then head to Varrock again and do our clothes, and lastly travel to Relekka where we'd do shoes!!! It'd be FABULOUS! After our makeover, we'd obviously have to go to a party right? So then we would make our way to the Grand Exchange and Bomb it with some random item while advertising our party, which would take place in Varrocks Castle, lets face it, who wouldn't want to hangout with me and him?? During the last ten minutes or so of our time together, myself and mr. mod would go to a f2p world at Lumby Castle and he would begin to inform all of the citizens of how awesome I am as I handed out a few million in coins, runes, arrows, and gear to the new players as a way to help the newer community a bit. And with that, our day would end. Of course, it would also be videod for everyones amusement.
  7. Slayer's of Dangerous Beasts ^^They welcome new MHers with open arms
  8. After a long, well thought out decision. I'll go with TS Stormage then
  9. Forum name: Socc Ingame name: Socc/Ranma_X (Switches between, currently Ranma_X Slave you wish to bid for: N Odie and TS Stormage Your bid: 2.5m and 7 cabbages each SLAVEEEE Picture of the cashpile/items, with your name clearly visible in the chatbox and the cashpile examine also visible (NEEDED): I'll get a better picture of just the cash, but this should due for now
  10. I'm thinking about building a low end computer to try that! But I'm looking for anything that looks appealing, whether or not it is software or hardware (But more interested in hardware stuff)
  11. I'm looking for some cool tech projects I could work on for fun. What are some cool ideas/things you all have done?
  12. Look at all these classy boys haha
  13. Guys listen up! I'm rallying the troops here. I need you all to vote for my friend Maria in a contest so she can win an Ipad! http://contest.orthosmileteam.com/entries#72506 Making an account is simple, just type in some info, confirm it, and then vote for her! PLEASE DO! Help her get!
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