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  1. I can't believe people still post in this, I made this thread a long time ago and I don't even come to these forums that much anymore.
  2. Throw his [wagon] off the cliff and see how he likes it. I guarantee he won't do it again.
  3. The ones in GTA suck, cuz they're mean to me :x But I know some people that are cops. Dunno much about it though.
  4. It's not hard to shoot a gun. Pull the trigger. Assuming it's loaded. And he could just look up on the internet how to use it as long as he knows what model it was.
  5. Yes, it's not like weed kills brain cells or anything... /sarcasm
  6. It sounds like English, they just don't understand it.
  7. johntm

    OMG shut up!!!

    1. amputate limbs w/ plastic spoon 2. proceed to eat them 3. sell his soul to satan 4. buy xbox 360 5. pwn nubs in halo 3
  8. johntm

    OMG shut up!!!

    urinate on his game console or in his mailbox or on him
  9. we end it like WWII, then we nuke Japan. Or Someone where fighting :twisted:
  10. then wed be extinct soon watch out for banjos too they will take over the world
  11. It's also really hard to believe that an electron takes an infinite number of paths before arriving at it's destination, or that it's actually possible for us to walk straight through a brick wall. Physics is just weird that way. You can't always rely on what you see in your everyday life to tell you all the answers :P . i completely agree with the electron crap :D
  12. Thanks. Wait hey that was insulting! And i dont stereotype u G'day saying Australian person who wants to put shrimps on the barby! I just regurgitated what you said. It's not like I flat out called you an idiot for no reason. Besides that, it is idiotic, if you can get around the emotiveness of the word, to stereotype through ignorance. Go to your room. Also, how come white people never take yo mama jokes as seriously as black people? No im nost being racist. Just asking. I have black friends ftw
  13. Hash browns straight up pwn. Hash brownies suck. Who wants hash browns + brownies anyways? Thats gross. But brownies pwn too.
  14. Better stop eating apples and almonds then. Fact of the day: apples and almonds contain trace amounts of cyanide. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cyanide#Occurrence W00t i dont like either.
  15. Martin, do you have a problem? A normal person wouldn't insult someone of what game they like, and it's actually a very adventurous game, and it's very time-taking, so go play something like; Mentally Challenged Insults For Mentally Challenged People. You love that game, don't you? Very original game name. Anyway, if you want an adventurous game try this thing call runescape, it pwns. And its not for 8 year olds.
  16. Yes congratulations, you have no freaking life. So instead on playboy you must read pokemon monthly: the swimsuit issue? I bet your like z0mg i cant wait to see that chazard pic in a speedo!!!
  17. Shaddup vegetarian. On topic: Seriously buddy enough tabloids for you. The guvment didnt kill 300 americans or bomb a british subway or whatever. Our guvment may suck, but be proud. Some governments would kill you. Anyway, japanese people got locked up for some reason i dont know about. They bomb pearl harbor maybe? Well they can cook who cares. No i have no clue what im talking about. Politics suck.
  18. Thanks. Wait hey that was insulting! And i dont stereotype u G'day saying Australian person who wants to put shrimps on the barby!
  19. How can you justify cars or sports when people die from them? You don't overdose from LSD/psilocybin/cannabis because it isn't toxic enough. However, these drugs have been known to kill. Lots of suicides have been thought to be caused by cannabis-induced paranoia. Lots of people pick mushrooms thinking they are psychedelic only to find out they are poisonous. There's an interesting quote about cannabis-related deaths near the end, in my "Health Issues" section. Even though there is a risk, it can be minimized through care and responsibility. Erm, cant think of anything stupid to say. Just don do crack kids. or heroin. Or cyanide. "Soft drug" is a pretty loose term, but usually it refers to: cannabis, LSD, mescaline, shrooms, sometimes MDMA and caffeine. I think salvia would also be considered a soft drug, among others. Hard drugs are not something I ever want to try. Simply put, these are the ones that give the other drugs a "bad reputation". They are much easier to overdose with and/or become addicted to. Heroin and cocaine are two big players in the field of hard drugs, and they are the ones that usually make the news when it comes to death and rehab. They still can be used responsibly, but for me the risk/reward ratio isn't worth it. Nothing to say here. Lindsay Lohan is a drunk who does crack. Glad you enjoyed it. :) Yeah it was pretty informative I disagree. For me, a night at the movies costs more money than a session with friends. The latter is also a lot more social, rather than just staring blankly at a screen for a long time. Its not blank it has pretty colors. And it can be social if you talk through the movie. I'd rather not get addicted to anything... Yeah its not like your addicted to pot or hash browns(whatever you call it) or anything. Or making stupid threads trying to justify drugs and having idiots like me state our probably completely wrong ideas/opinions. Once again, the bold is my opinion.
  20. We don't know tons of things that were in the past! Like if evelution happend and such. :) Well that crap wont affect my life. I wanna know what happens in the future. And those freaking nazis always making false claims. Like hitler saying he never pwned those jews and whoever else. Screw Hitler ftw :D :D Yea that's why I always thought history class is pointless, but history can repeat itself that is why it is important. But what do we care :mrgreen: I always thought it was useless, but i liked it cuz i was good at it cuz i ahve a good memory. Wait what was i talking about? Anyway if history repeats it self then this is like WWII with darfur=germany. We must pwn the neonazis now! So what is the previous form of the michael vick case. What am i talking bout.
  21. 1. I have no clue. 2. Cuz they get rich. Gold diggers ftl. 3. Cuz they too stupid to give it to me. 4. Cause you just plain suck :D 5. By rock, you mean metal right? 1. Yes. Actually im pretty sure it would pass underneath you. 2. Dont let a fly in your car. Ouch. Please, listen to the album Catch 33 by Meshuggah and then tell me they have no instrumental skills. :lol: :P No, ill just continue stereotyping things in an idiotic manner about which i have no clue about.
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