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  1. I love that episode. Remember when they were all 'skilling' in WoW, (i say skilling cos i never played WoW) Where they killing goblins? LoL Cartman: "MOM!! I GOT DIAREA!!" rofl
  2. So like Pony with out the -ee at the end? Ponys the only word i could think of -.- :lol:
  3. Ok so since i don't know when ive been saying 'pwned' when i kill stuff. but i have NEVER...EVER...figured out how you would pronounce pwn in real life. Ive always just ignored it and read it just never really said it. How the heck do you pronounce this!?!?! :wall:
  4. If I were the type to put TIF quotes in my sig, this would definitely be the winner. It fits perfectly with my avatar too. \ Soz i got bad vision wut does ur avatar say?
  5. Hey i was thinking that maybe to ease the cost of Summoning, thered be a skill where you could make shards and pouches and what not instead of having to pay for all that junk. I dont know what to think of my own idea 'cos if there was a skill like this it'd make summon alot easier, but less hard and therefore less fun. Opinions?
  6. AdScape - Brought to you by Shermin Williams®
  7. Well im going on vacation so im leaving it to Dragonsoon to change the subjects since he posts here the most :lol:
  8. SouthScape- OMG u pwnt Kenny!!!!!!
  9. "only people still annoyed are those who got given free items and such." I agree. Like just earlier today there was this dude in front of the axe store in lumby wanting to borrow a steel axe. Just buy one dude! Good luck w/ 99 cooking and hunting btw. (no sarcasm)
  10. zdavenz

    Gun Control

    Hey just a notice im going on vacation so dont ask me anything unless you want to wait about a month for an answer. For the past and future, I agree with guns. I also think people need to be at least 21 to own a non-hunting rifle,shotgun,etc. And even if they are 75, if they were ever involved in a life or death crime, or even a old lady mugging, they should be screened. To sniperss: I agree with you dude. Can i use the Al Capone pic from your siggy and put in mine please?
  11. *BOOM* Now the subject is 'Celebrity'.
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