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  1. What in the world happened to santas? I mean, I left for nearly 3 weeks because of other stuff, and now they've nearly doubled in price.
  2. After my most recent set of claws, I've been left with ~56-57m. For about a week, I've been flipping things like sara swords or barrows, and it's netting me maybe ~1m a day. Eventually, I intend to upgrade my BGS to an AGS, but I'm not quite sure the path to take. I've thought about continuing to do TD's with merchanting on the side until I reach the required cash OR I could get 88 summoning with the cash I have now. Currently, I have almost no charms because I just got 79 summoning, using up nearly every charm I had. So, should I continue with my TD's and hope for the best, or burst the lobsters and get 88 summoning? Thanks very much in advance.
  3. Having recently finished completed While Guthix Sleeps, I've been going a lot to TDs lately. In fact, that's pretty much it. So I thought, I should try to get myself a Christmas gift on RS, and try to get some claws before the big 25th. My stats aren't really godly, but they're not really bad either. I've got 90 attack, 88 strength, 85 defence, 85 range, and 68 summoning. I can usually get in ~8-10 kills, then I have to bank and run back. So I'm wondering: IF I were to do 2-3 runs a day, with about 8-10 kills each time, would my luck hopefully eventually coincide, and net me a nice pair of claws before Christmas? Thanks very much in advance.
  4. Admittedly, I've neglected farming for my entire runescape career. Now, for an undisclosed reason, I need to get it to 65, and I'd like to do it rather quickly. I've got a lot of cash to spend, and I'm just wondering if herbs and trees were really the only viable ways of getting xp for farming in an efficient manner. If there are any other ways to help my training to 65 progress quicker, I'm all ears.
  5. So, I thought I could get by MEP2 with my silly 60 agility. I found out I was wrong, terrible idea. My question: What agility level should I get to complete the quest, and how should I go about getting that level that's not too mind-numbing? I'm not particularly a fan of agility, but I need it to complete the quest.
  6. Lol Hartlar, your topic is the one I linked to, not someone else's.
  7. I play on German occasionally. English is my native language though.
  8. http://forum.tip.it/viewtopic.php?f=78&t=626744 I went around creepin the old rate this section, waaaaaaaaaaay in the back for some reason last night, I'm not really sure why. Anyways, apparently one of our mods here got kbd heads and a dragon med in the same drop. That would count I guess, put a stop to all the "I've seen it, but no picture" posts.
  9. Ok, right now I have a santa and about 10m to work with, and I put an offer in the GE last night for a max price BGS, but it didn't sell so I started looking all over the forums for one. Everyone's been selling for all over the place and I'm just really confused as to what I should do. Should I accumulate all my money, or wait about 2 weeks for everything to stable out? I'm going on vacation next week, so I'm thinking of just waiting it out and waiting for everything to stable out. Also, If it stables out, would it be possible to buy a BGS off the GE? This would be my first one.
  10. The only tatoo I would ever consider getting is a quote from Goethe, but I don't know where exactly I would put it. It goes, "Wer fremde Sprachen nicht kennt, weiß nichts von seiner eigenen", which translates to "Whoever does not know foreign languages, knows nothing about their own". I think it'd be pretty nice because I'm considering becoming a linguist for the navy or something. Not to mention, I think the quote is very true; I've learned way too many elements of English from contrast to Latin and German that's improved my writing style. I really excel at learning languages, so I'd really like to have this tatooed somewhere. Only thing I'd be afraid of is the artist tatooing it wrong because he doesn't speak the language, that would pretty much ruin my life :wall:
  11. Ok, so what is considered "junk"? And if people are using junk to trade, doesn't the junk itself have value that is tracked and because of that, after so much of this junk that it goes over the trade limit? What would be your advice to junk trade for a BGS?
  12. Ok, I guess you should know this beforehand. I just came off of a year and a half break and in that time all the trade limits were imposed. I've come back, and finally decided I wanted to get a BGS. Trouble is, the GE max price says it's 18.9m at time of writing, BUT somehow people are offering like 19.4m and upwards past that. What I don't understand is how people can do that, and for some reason, no one will accept pure cash, which I don't understand either. And, lastly, if anyone can help me, what should I do to get my BGS, even if one doesn't sell in the GE overnight. I have about 20.5m to work with.
  13. Whenever I get sleepy reading a book, and it has happened (I hated Angela's Ashes), what I try to do is concentrate on the book and the lessons it's trying to teach. I find that if I try to find a lesson in the story, it's a lot easier to at least pay attention to it, you don't need to be entertained by it. Just try to realize what your teacher, or professor, is trying to get you to realize through reading the book. But whenever I can't find a moral or lesson (like in Angela's Ashes -.- ), the book gets incredibly dull, and I don't absorb anything from it. Also, never read laying down. Stay upright when you read, even if you're in your bed. That's my experience, I can't read laying down on the couch or in my bed.
  14. So, at the ripe old level of 110, I still have never made a trip to the famous dagonoth kings. Since I'm looking to pick up a little bit of extra cash, I decided to finally learn to mage Rex :o . I have full guthans and can get the supplies easily. I just have a few questions to those who could help me: 1. Is it alright if I use slayer dart? I know I could get the void staff for claws of Guthix, but I find pest control pretty dull. 2. Is 77 mage high enough to mage him? 3. Could anyone go with me on my first trip just to teach me, and get supreme/prime off of me? Thanks a bunch in advance, my RSN = pbjdude91
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