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  1. Would giving up Magic mean we can't use gatestones?
  2. It was thieving for me. I did knights->watchmen->paladins until 90 in RS1. Did a bunch of random stuff to eventually get 99 in RS2, but it was well before skill capes - I was the 259th person to do so. :)
  3. I could have sworn the actual mod accounts were restricted from being used anywhere but the Jagex offices, for this exact reason.
  4. A new Runecrafting/Agility/Construction activity would be pretty awesome. I'm imagining something where you actually go inside the source of the altar's power (construct some planks on the stonehenge structures, activate the altar and jump in using agility) to go to a new training area. The training area will be floating over an abyss. New platforms continuously appear, and orbs of colored energy flow towards the center column. You must jump around making sure that only the colored energy that corresponds to the rune you're making makes it through. You do so by building filters: red energy that goes through a blue filter gets completely destroyed, but orange energy that goes through a red filter turns dark red. For every correct energy that goes into the center, you gain RC XP equal to the rune, and if you power it enough, when you leave there will be a reward that is lying on top of the altar for you to take. It can range from new rewards such as *real* law and nature battlestaves to catalytic runes. The main reward is a rune pouch that can hold an unlimited number of runes and spells can be cast from inside of.
  5. The classic cape never meant anything. Whenever RSC was reopened, it still counted for the classic cape...
  6. Got 2 farming levels and 96 herblore. Multiplier still at 2.55 though! :D
  7. A lot of people are misinterpreting this post... I'd also make tanning hides and repairing armor as major as well - that's quite a lot of money overall, since most people train crafting with dragonhides. As for more minor things that I came up with... Out: - Shantay Pass - Magic Carpets - Charter Ships In: - Thieving (Major!)
  8. From the citadel I'm in, I've used 1200 resource two weeks straight on the firemaking plot, and the count of timber resources never went down.
  9. Hm, proof that Darkmeyer is a new city and not just a graphical redesign of Meiyerditch!
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