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  1. hlpmee

    Kal'gerion demon

    The fastest way to get there is Hoardstalker ring teleport. Wear your best melee weapon and armor. Because these creatures have high defense, Turmoil prayer and Scrimshaw of attack are useful. Bring 3 overload, 5 prayer flask, 4 adrenaline flask; Bring Dreadnip, it could be very useful. Bring healing e.g. Excalibur, good quality food Bring 1 Portent of life or death, and 1 house tab, just in case you are low health. Don't need to worry its special, just tank it, soul split if needed. Since the recent invention update, you can disassemble most of its drop. So don't bring pack yak, bring 2 Steel Titan.
  2. hlpmee


    The fastest way is use Tirannwn quiver 4 teleport to Harmony pillars; or use Crystal teleport seed teleport to Meilyr Clan. These creatures drops Blood necklace shard. Sometimes a elite one will appear, it's better duo with others, otherwise avoid it. Wear the best melee weapon and armor, pray deflect magic or soul split if needed, summon Steel Titan. Bring infernal urn if you wish to train prayer, each urn will hold 18 tortured ashes. It's safe to tank 3 at once.
  3. hlpmee

    The first post

    I'm a causal player, which means I don't really care about xp/hr or gp/hr, I prefer afk style training, and I want get every task done as fast as I can. I always get task from Morvran, the elf. Remember to carry slayer VIP ticket when getting a new task. I always choose regular task over slayer challenge. I solo most of the time, although you might want try co-op if you can. Mighty slayer helmet is a must, get this. Get all the slayer items on tool belt. Turn on the slayer counter.
  4. Finally figure it out, here's some hint for people confuse like me. JOIN & WAIT TILL GAME START
  5. How does this event work? When I talk to Fame east of falador lodestone, I am teleported to an empty room and can't teleport out. What am I suppose to do?
  6. I'm not in a clan because I play casually, so I'm looking for friend chat to trade prawn cracker
  7. It's possible to transform the prismatic pendant to ONE skill again, After you "gain" the exp from a pendant then destroy it.
  8. Think about the positive side. When I tired of playing my "main" character, I used to create a brand new one. Now I can reset and keep my banks. Not too bad. Or if I want to create a PVP player, I don't have to start from zero, too.
  9. (For the sake of convenience, this article assume every player is rational) Player can buy bond with real world money, current price is $5. Player can trade bond with other player for in game items (e.g. coins). Player can trade bond for benefits such as membership / spins / runecoins, currently, 1 Bond = 14 days of membership = 8 spins = 160 runecoins. First we can rule out the case which player buy a bond then trade for benefits himself/herself. Because all the benefits worth less than a bond. 14 days of membership worth $2.77 8 spins worth $1.77 ~ $3.99 160 runcoins worth $3.07 ~ $4.00 Therefore player would only buy bonds so that he/she can trade with other player, say a sum of coins, legitimately. If player can buy coins through illegitimate RWT, according to first 10 results search for "runescape gold" in google, currently, through RWT $5 = 11.5m (coins) on the G.E. bond = 6.6m falling If the G.E. rate is higher than RWT, player would definitely abandon RWT; While G.E. rate is lower than RWT, the difference is the cost of legitimation. On the other hand, in game coins are enormous. IMHO, 2m/hr is fairly easy, not to mention high lvl boss rewards. Trade in game coins for bonds is quite a good deal at current rate. Therefore I predict G.E. bond price will rise towards RWT rate. When G.E. bond price near the RWT rate, RWT rate will rise to keep alive, but G.E. bond price will rise again because money making is so easy. To conclude: I think Jagex's bond idea is clever. Because it turns players who are able to make in game wealth into the enemy of RWT. And the players' power should never be underestimated.
  10. Bonus XP Guide (updated on 2013-8-27) Some skills are slower or more expensive than others. Fortunately, there are also Bonus XP help player to go through the painful time. This guide lists Bonus XP that will apply to any skill of your choice. WARNING: Some items can’t be banked, and Jagex may not unlock all these Bonus XP for the new skill. Do your research before using the following methods. Tears of GuthixPenguin Hide and SeekTroll InvasionAncient EffigyClan AvatarDaily ChallengeAuraSqueal of FortuneRecruit A FriendQuest XP RewardTask XP RewardTears of Guthix Penguin Hide and Seek Troll Invasion Ancient Effigy Clan avatar Daily Challenge Jack of traders Aura Wisdom Aura Squeal of Fortune Recruit A Friend Quest XP Reward Task reward
  11. I like the idea of seduce skill. else are just too normal.
  12. death floor, island #33 if there is skull or up nodes nearby, get it. otherwise soul esswraith.
  13. create a new account then post.
  14. Credit to Piu And based on my own experience, (quite a lesson), take me a whole week to solve the problem.
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