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  1. Thats funny, did a floor with whattup a week ago - he asked me to add him after. I added him but I usually only log on to do the my daily and get off since I'm maxed (116 Dg) and don't feeling like doing more than 1 floor. Everytime I logged on randomly or whatever he was always on until the last couple days and now I know why haha. Must have been botting dem rushes :?
  2. I've started to slay again since EOC. For some reason my charged slayer helm hasn't been activating the scrolls for my steel titan automatically anymore...It worked fine before they changed the combat system. Don't know if I'm missing something or they changed it so it no longer does that or what?
  3. Looking for some suggestion on what islands would be my best bet to camp up to 99. Thanks!
  4. I bought 450 spins for fun/experiment 5 or 6 days ago, got... - 980k summ exp from lamps(only 1 assigned lamp) @ ~94 summoning - 8 fish masks - 4 pieces of each of the new clothing sets (just 1 more piece to complete each) <- only 'rare' rewards i got Not sure how much money I got from coins and items, I remember getting about 3 500k prizes. Also not sure about how much random exp I got from the other assigned lamps, didn't keep track.
  5. Last time I dung'd I decided to switch from laws to a csb since I had recently gotten 70 rc/done quest for 100 extra ammo binds. I haven't had the chance to use it yet because after I binded it and charged it, I've been working on 80 rc and a few other skills so if I came across some high tier logs, I could make a empowered fire staff. Anyways, I have a couple of questions about it... When I use my csb, will my Primal Plate have much of an effect on how effective the spells will be? Just asking because I've seen a lot of people mage while wearing a plate, and wondered if dung was kind of like barrows where your mage bonus doesn't really matter. And another question is when I rush the low floors will teams get mad that I have to make laws at the start, or is it common for people to make them? Might be a silly question but I used to just solo rush the low floors so it didn't matter, I did it with a team last time and would like to continue using one. Btw I'm 102 dung so I know how the skills works, its just I've always had laws and never thought about getting a surgebox so this is all new to me lol.
  6. Thanks for the info guys, I'll give what you(flyingjj) said a go today and see how it works out. I was on the high level doing death esswraith, with a combination of skulls, jumpers, shifters, nebulas and chaotic clouds whenever I ran into them. I saw one yellow wizard because he popped up beside me lol, I wasn't sure if hunting him down would be worth it or not.
  7. Trying it as I speak... No idea what I'm doing really, any tips for my level or suggestions for the best exp? Thanks
  8. sk8_tolivv

    KONY 2012

    If you have a minute, I would definately watch this video. I learned a lot from it and it changed my perspective on many things. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Y4MnpzG5Sqc&feature=g-all&context=G2c80d33FAAAAAAAABAA This man needs to be stopped, and I believe if we can get more people to know about him and what he does, it will happen. And if it's successful, imagine the impact this will have on the world. Imagine what we, the people, could be capable of doing if we all bonded together to stop more of these criminals.
  9. Nice guide, explained everything very well. Now I have motivation to finally go and finish off my boss kills for goliath gloves and dreadnips because I definately want to give this a go.
  10. Alright thanks for the info, seems like its worth the quest so I'll give'r a go :P
  11. Yeah I was thinking magic would be probably the best bet these days, is the polygore spell almost as effective as Storm of Armadyl or is there quite a difference?
  12. I know how the fight caves work and I'm good at Jad (have done about 20+ capes) but I haven't played much over the past year and just started getting back into playing a bit more. Anyways I was going to start working on slayer to max combat and summoning after I get 99 mining in a few days and now that you can do the fight caves as a task I'd like to do it when I get the chance. Have around 200m so money isn't really a problem and don't really care how much it costs. I have overloads, almost all chaotics 99 pray/mage/range/def 96 str 84 attack Just want to know the best set-up to do them as fast as possible
  13. Alright makes more sense now thanks
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