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  1. Nadril, he really helped me out a while back ^-^. and he explains his opinions clearly \
  2. i get distracted easily... -.-
  3. boxers is a must for me The space and ventilation for the "package" is a must for me \
  4. I'm pretty sure teachers are not allowed to do that... it just sounds wrong on so many levels. :? Yeah that's so horribly wrong. I mean, really, stalking your students and telling their parents on them for using the middle finger in a picture over the internets? My dad and I flipped off the cam a couple times so i doubt ill get in trouble for that :P On Topic: one time my teacher caught me and my girlfriend makin fun of her, what we said wasn't bad, but the fact we got caught was :oops: another time i was skipping class i went to shop rite with a couple of friends and my teacher was there and we had tp keep on ducking and dodging. eventually we all separated and got caught one by one, i got caught by the bakery section.
  5. i was watching judge Judy, and when the earthquake hit there everyone ran out of the court except the two ppl on trial, im guessing they didn't know it was an earthquake lol, they just stood there. :lol:
  6. You Agunimon i have to appreciate you, when ever i see your posts im always thinking wow he's right or lmao hes funny. And then when i look at your siggy i jus lol my brains out \ On topic: i think we'll just die out from wasting nature -.-
  7. during school days about 5 hrs. holidays about 7 hrs. during the weekend about 3 hrs.
  8. it took me a while to figure it out myself and correct me if im wrong lol \ im guessing he meant "how we met our friends instead of where" if im wrong you can slap me silly :thumbsup:
  9. Oh wow! You should be a stand-up comedian! ....No im glad you like bashing opinions, =D> i hope you have a wonderful life :pray:
  10. everyone would be in better shape
  11. i met 4 of my friends at a boxing tournament after we fought each other : and the rest through school. \
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