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  1. Having all the settings on low doesnt sound too great to me. Lets say the graphics card listed there costs $80 (which it does on its own according to http://www.centrecom.com.au/catalog/default.php?page=1&cPath=26). What graphics card would you recommend i upgrade to that costs around $150 and wouldn't require any other modification of the computer listed.
  2. I havnt been on tip.it for quite some time. I quit runescape years ago. But ive decided to come back to ask a question because hopefully nothings changed, and the tech and computers forum is as usefull as it used to be. I left school and started work at the start of this year, so i have a huge amount of money to spend compared to what i used to. Ive finally decided im over the ancient family computer and want one of my own that no one else uses so i can use it for what i want and WHEN i want. Im looking to spend around $1000 Australian dollars (would prefer to spend all 1000, no less than 700, but nothing over about 1100). At the moment all i use the family computer for is web browsing, word processing, watching movies, all the basic stuff. But thats mainly because i dont bother buying any games anymore because im almost guaranteed the family computer wont be able to run them. Theres one game i know i would go out and buy straight away if i got a new computer, and thats GTA4. If it can play GTA 4 reasonably comfortably im happy. Storage is a big seller for me. Im always taking photos of things and never bother deleting any before i transfer them to the computer. At least 1 TB is what im aiming for. Ill need a monitor, keyboard, mouse, and speakers included. So to summarize: I want a desktop computer that will play GTA 4, ideally with at least 1TB of hard drive space, that includes the main accessories (monitor, keyboard, mouse, speakers) for around $1000 AUD. Simple enough, or am i dreaming? I looked up a local shops website and it has this which i think meets all my needs: http://www.centrecom.com.au/catalog/product_info.php?cPath=81_128&products_id=41383 (I wont be buying online i will be asking in store if they can give me the same price as online). 1. Will it play GTA 4 2. Is it good value for money (Should i be getting a better computer for that price?) Thanks
  3. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! i worked :). was quick and easy to use as well. i guess i gained one thing from it anyway, its called "Windows XP" now instead of "Earlier version of windows"
  4. Ill try to keep it short. After school today i booted up the computer. I left it while i got a drink and it booted into windows 7 RC automatically as usual. I came back and logged on and everything was fine. when i reached the desktop it froze (never happened before). I turned it off at the power button and booted back up, expecting all to be good, but it wasnt. Before i even reached to OS selection screen i get a disc read error. After alot of [bleep]in around i finally got it booting (using the win 7 beta disc, the win 7 RC disc kept spitting out errors and i didnt get a xp disc with the computer). but now it just boots straight to windows 7, and i dont get the chance to select xp. ive tried fixing again with the Rc disc but it doesn't work. I dont think the xp partion is corrupted, its still recognized as a disc in windows 7 and i can browse its files as normal, but it doesn't recognize xp as a OS. how do i fix it?
  5. I lol'd. But, I'm not a troll, this is a real post. As long as you think you as a person are perfect in your own special and unique way thats great, but unfortunately your not above everyone else in the world, and not everyone is below you.
  6. if it was you wouldn't be sitting in front of a computer now. you wouldn't have a roof over your head. chances are you wouldn't even have clothes on your back. I love maths. Everything makes sense and is logical unlike languages, especially English. Why do most words have to have a u after the q if q is the first letter? I really hate that kind of thing. With maths i can see things that actually have value, and manipulate data to calculate all kinds of wonderful and useful things, without worrying about laws like the one i just mentioned in English that doesn't seem to have any logical reasoning. I think im about the only one i know that did the hard maths in school this year only because i thought it was fun. The kinds of things i want to do in life wont require maths anywhere near as complex as what im learning. I still see a point to learning it, even if the point is just to do something that gives me a fuzzing rewarding feeling when i do something right. Maths rocks.
  7. dont burn or break it, it will wreck the fun
  8. i couldnt get it to work either. what i did was slowly work my way down the legs, untill i was seeing one foot orbit around the other. i then stared at the lighter grey shadow below for a couple of seconds and she swapped directions. i think the lighter grey allowed me to not concentrate on the image as hard, as when i looked back at the black legs, they were going another direction. as for the spinning purple dot thing, i found i could make a green dot appear easily where there is no dot spinning just by looking at the image. to make the purple dots disappear i had to stare quite hard at the cross in the center
  9. thrash-boy

    My rant

    i feel for ya mate. just stop letting them use you, preferably by speaking to the teacher and being in a group by yourself, or if worse comes to worse don't do anymore work than they do. if you take the 2nd option make sure you get straight A's on all the none group work though, so the teacher doesn't think your a complete dumb a**
  10. Pythagoras and his Pythagoreans Einstein
  11. just download it anyway. or if you wanna: run a scan with norton (if it picks up anything dont delete it yet, take note of what it was), download avira antivirus, disable norton, and run a scan with avira. make a bet with your parents that if avira picks up something norton didn't, AND picks up everything norton did, that you get firefox. if your parents are paying for norton they need to do some more basic research into antivirus software. if i was god i would be writing a letter to your house, from some big government official, that the computer is now your legal property by law, and if they try to control your use of it in anyway they are breaking the law. kind of unrelated but meh
  12. thanks for the help. ive got it running now and i can say im very impressed. ive never used vista before so this is a big change, but everything is much smoother than xp. despite all the extra visual effects its actually alot faster than xp i think
  13. i know there's a topic already about windows 7, but i cant find it. anyway a few months ago i downloaded the windows 7 beta, and never got around to trying it out. ive heard some great things about it, so ive decided to give it a go. Im running windows xp, and my pc meets all the requirements. Im currently defraging before i attempt to make a new partion with Gparted. I have deleted some stuff and ive got about 45 gb free, which is more than enough i would think. my main concern is when the beta runs out in august i want to be able to delete the windows 7 partion (or uninstall it first, if thats possible?), and expand my xp partion back to full size. i hear people talking about shrinking partions, but never expanding them. is this possible? Also ive been told that when i do remove windows 7, the screen at startup will still come up asking which os (xp or win 7), just it will only have xp listed. Is this true and if so how do i stop it coming up? thanks
  14. sorry, i misunderstood. i though he meant by "they took the jew jokes to far" that he was making the jokes and they were taking them too seriously. :oops: anyway, in that case you shouldn't have had your ip reported. they should be the ones who are banned.
  15. see, theres a reason. jokes about jews seem like a reasonable reason to ban you. and reporting your ip seems like a reasonable thing to do, after you flooded their server. If more people did this there would be less noobs around flooding servers. It seems to me that these people your talking about are making the internet a better place. :thumbup: :thumbsup: to them
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