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  1. Took a while, but i finally got it! Might start dg now haha
  2. Trying to stay on till i get 95. (ignore the terrorbird...)
  3. Took a week from 93, did it all while doing homework/studying. Too easy.
  4. Once you get in it seems to be working fine. It just takes a while to load the page to login.
  5. It's taking forever to load. Looks like its time to go outside or something... EDIT: AHHHHH IM IN. I dont feel safe slaying tho.
  6. Havent played in 6 to 8 months, decided to come back for a bit. Then with the 400k xp
  7. No it wont. It goes more like this: Month Points Total Points Month 1 500 Loyalty Points 500 Loyalty Points Month 2 3,000 Loyalty Points 3,500 Loyalty Points Month 3 5,000 Loyalty Points 8,500 Loyalty Points Month 4 7,000 Loyalty Points 15,500 Loyalty Points Month 5 3,000 Loyalty Points 18,500 Loyalty Points from the FAQ: http://www.runescape.com/kbase/guid/loyalty_programme_info So it looks like at month 5 it drops. So who knows after that.
  8. Im just going to assume that everyone that is against the killing of Osama in any way, is from the UK and doesnt really get what this means for a lot of the US. And if you are from the US... <_<
  9. Awesome picture. Pretty much sums up why this is important. And some people are talking about how this is comparable to Hitler dieing. I would say its up there but Osama is still going to become a martyr (i think thats the right word), so random groups are still going to carry out attacks for quite a while.
  10. I remember you. I think we did like heros quest or something together. Hyt pretty much died out with free trade going away a long time ago.
  11. Are one of the admins going to make a Tip.It clan :grin: Cus thats the only clan i would join
  12. "438 User(s) are reading this topic 104 members, 325 guests, 9 anonymous users" it keeps going up too. Looks like we have a lot of lurkers...
  13. I do some slaying before class and come back to see this. Wow who tripped over the cord this time...
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