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  1. When did i say my school had linux...wtf?
  2. It's easy, search for batch file commands on google or sumfin, it'll tell you everything, well the basics, all you gotta figure out is how to change that maerial into a computer crashing monster thingy majigger :
  3. start filename.bat echo texthere echo textere | | \/ and so on.....is a spam crasher shutdown -s -f shutsdown cpu...
  4. I changed all the properties of the file aswell....it's icon was internet explorer....te school deosn't expect an attack from the inside...
  5. First of all....i keylogged the administrator's account...ou school uses Novell, it's easy to hack and stuff, anyways...tha's how i got acess to c drive...then the rest is elementary
  6. Yes, i'm currently serving an OSS, for writing malicous batch files I made a batch file with commands to delete /C:/ drive and crash computer....i sent it to the desktop of every school computer, disguised as internet explorer shortcut
  7. What's the worst comeback you've ever heard? Ones that are appropriate....you know they're so G-rated that they are almost funny? POST HERE! The worst I heard was: "I'm not dumb! You're just way too smart!"
  8. Perhaps wasn't as disturbed as I thought :)....after hearing some of your guys' replies, I feel a lot better about myself :D
  9. What's the worst thing that you got caught doing at school. You know, the kind of thing that when a teacher says,"What are you doing?" sends you into a worless panic and feeling your life is about to end? :pray: YEA, THAT KIND OF THING! :thumbsup: Mine is: I got caught making a---well let's say a corrupted.bat file that crashed the school computer....I got suspended :( POST YOURS HERE oh...and at least i'm at home, lmao, school sends you home as punishment..!!!!
  10. :mrgreen: Looks like most people like genie and maze lol :-k
  11. This guy was afk and got p00ned by this evil chicken...(world 66) in draynor bank, it was packed...people got his rune armor and like d long and rune boots, I tohught i had got nothing....i was like darnit!So i was buying a bunch of laws, i had originally 10k, I look in inv 25k!!!!!!! 15k laws!
  12. I would've thought people hate sandwhich lady!
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