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  1. LOL great idea! I never thought of doing that xD and i to want to dress as a flower :lol:
  2. BUMP I dont want this thread to die xD
  3. Ok, this has probably been done be4 here, but here it goes. This is a sig critique thread, just post and people, will JUDGE your sig. Just plz don't take credit for other plz sigs. Well ill start it of. Judge my sig :mrgreen: P.S. Make sure you have attack signature checked, when you post.
  4. lol but lying is fun!!! Z0MG 1 l1ke Ju5t F0OUNd 10 trillllion Phatz w000t!!!11!!! But i dont lie
  5. Fatal


    first you say you cant prove its yours and then you say you can??? not that i am suspicious of you, but that doesnt make sense when did i say i cant? wanyway this is hurting my head so... just review :P
  6. lol i once was looking for cs and i had one and i ignored it and there wwas like 12. i was terrified!.
  7. Fatal


    Well, as its linked to an offlink site, and i have no proof that i didnt stole it, i didnt want ppl 2 suggest it, and as i said if you want proof i can prove it!. and in reply to tomdavies90 post i no the animation is bad :) i i said i have little to no experience and flash is complicated. and you cant really comment on my graphics. your sig dosen't have very good graphics either.
  8. Fatal


    Lol i made this animation. STOOF (If you think its stolen, then i'll prove its not!!!) I am a noob animator. And I Made This Short Random Animation S Enjoy Dont be too harsh :)
  9. in 1 year of playing, i've gotten 2 genies ;[
  10. My friends little bro, found a green Halloween mask on the ground 2day. and his only new. nargg i want it!
  11. mines 40 f2p, and i;ve only goten 2 leos :S. But thats probly cuz i bury mine in the bank :[. O yeah i've only had 3 frogs, 2 leos. 3 scaperune, 3 security gaurd, and 15 mysterious man. I'm really unlike with random events, o yeah and 3 evil chikens, jsut when i had used up all my prayer.
  12. I like all of them, exept for the lumbridge dinner one, like it dosent seem right that its ment to be dark, i no theres now indows, but, you knoe, who knows maybe there a light on the roof :P Other then thta, its great! add me 2 support.
  13. For one thing. Thats a good drop. For another thing. It COULD be Mrs Clue :P
  14. A rubber ducky. I called him Issac
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