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  1. Go ahead and make that another death from NPC's lost rune pick lol
  2. I will add 100m in items. Everything i liked about rs is gone. might as well go out with a bang
  3. I was at rune rocks. lost 18 ores and rune lrg. NPC hit 30 30 25 dead. I had prayer and was trying to eat. but died. lame, thanks for killing the game gayex
  4. New updates are horrible. I started in 2001, i enjoy rune mining and now I can't even walk to rune rocks without NPC's hitting 30's and killing me. retired Fusion7
  5. Makes me feel old to be playing rs. then again I did start when I was 14
  6. I have 14 maze keys, 3 silverlights, one "members object" it was tradable on f2p servers the day they came out 5 years ago. I belive its a gnome ammy. thats it
  7. :oops: I guess i might just have to get 80 craft sooner then i wanted lol I paid whatever the max was I think 230
  8. So I was working on my crafting lvl. I was short of 75 by about 10k xp. I figured it up and went to the GE to buy silver. So I click on buy find silver then put in the custom amount of "220" well some how I enterd 22000 and hit enter and confirm without really paying attention. The thing completes instantly and i am now the mew owner of 22k useless silver ores :oops: PS. Selling silver ores!
  9. Im trying to make pizza's to pass out to tip it people. Anchovy pizzas! wo0t PS, if you have any cheese, tomatos, anchovys or pizza you want to donate pm me. (trying to make 1k pizza's) EDIT: Also anyone needing armor let me know I got plenty laying around. (12k plates)
  10. lies! Just bought 14 more lv's, im coming and im coming fast. 14 levels in what? p.s. stop watching pr0n 12 craft 2 mage p.s I can't!
  11. Thats a con ? I'll have u know that iron cost 50 gp once and coal 100 ea. The prices have been overly expensive for too long, the GE is handling this. This is true. I can remember selling iron ores for 50 each and being excited because normal price was 35.
  12. lies! Just bought 14 more lv's, im coming and im coming fast.
  13. It would be pretty funny IMO. Im not talking like summonsing lessers, jusp little things like imps and chickens
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