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  1. you put ur cuser over top of an object and it will tell u the current price
  2. I just started codeing yesterday can u do it for me?
  3. Top 1 isnt what im looking for bottom one doesnt work.
  4. i think you may have a ghost in ur house lol i have no idea
  5. action = "http://localhost/cgi-bin/showall.cgi"> Please Type Your Guide Please.
  6. i took a month off and i made it right befor i left so im bumping it
  7. COME TO WORLD 153 in Draynor Willow Trees for a massive tip it snowball fight choose if you wear a red cape or any red cape your on a team and any yellow cape your on a teamm NOW COME AND LET HAVE A MASSIVE SNOW BALL FIGHT
  8. Wheres christmas event?
  9. This guide involves excell a microsoft program. Ok. if you open up a new excell and at the bottom you have sheet 1 to sheet 3 if you right click on sheet one and hit rename you can make that into your introduction, sheet 2 make it orders and in you cells put ordree name and then in the next one to the right put what their ordering then on the next right one put cost. on sheet 3 you have workers and you have the list of all your workers and the skill levels and you can highlight their name and use green for active red for inactive and purple as unknowen activecy. then on your forth page you can have what your workers are working on and all that information in the cells like their name what they are working on also you can have how much your paying them. on the fifth page you can have what you pay to your employees and all that information. and the sixth page is also like the fifth page but what ur people that order form you page what they pay. I also have this really comlicated page that takes time to do its stocks and in your cells going accross i have item, stock (amount), all worth (all worth are like the cost of all of them ex. (=d3+d6=230) if you need extra help contact me with that part only) then i put them into their sections like mining smithing ect. then i totalled them all up like the (=d3+d6=230) but as sections then i all all the section prices and i have an over view of how much cash worth of stock i have. Hope you Enjoyed that little Tiddbit I hope you atleast try it it may be comlicated but personall message me if you dont understand and ill show you more. on your personall message make the topic [Tipit Shop Owners Help Tips.] Thank You For checking out my topic
  10. Meh i know i started this topic but i think they need a tellyport button for Ge tell me what u think Quote me on this
  11. This is great people keep posting lets try for 1000 posts
  12. Please Include Your Pros and Cons About grand Exchange Pro-good Cons-Dislike Me Personall Pro- I do little work Con- To long to sell and can only sell 2 things at once :(
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