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  1. I'd just like to thank everyone for keeping this alive, even though i haven't been around :)! I hope you all like the new idea.
  2. Hehe, i did reply the last time you posted this, and put it on the front page, must have been right before the wipe. Thats ok though, i'll post it again :) I also really like the sig, btw ;)
  3. Thanks, i didn't even notice that when i skimmed the other day, and thanks dv_trainer for the writing. @Omali- The video's were posted afew months back when i had the old format up i believe, im not sure... also, the video's arn't mine, they are copied by someone else (and no credit given to me if you didn't notice).
  4. About 500 posts i think, give or take... oh well, worse things have happened... atleast the post is still here, not sure if i still have all the pictures on my computer :(
  5. Just finished my FINAL update, mainly a layout change, but i think it looks better :wink:
  6. There is already a feature that allows you to deposit items to the bank: http://tip.it/runescape/index.php?rs2item_id=6401 and the spell you have has been suggested 100's of times, and always comes back to- it would make everything to easy.
  7. I actually quite like this idea, i have seen it before... but nowhere near as detailed as this idea. I could see it being used. Good Job =D>
  8. Im not taking credit for the idea of bank tabs... yes, that has been around since Rs2 was created, but i am taking credit for the pictures, which people have taken it upon themselves to plagorise and post on other forums and take full credit for. I think that is what you are talking about.
  9. No, locked items take up bank space... as you said, if they didn't you could have unlimited bank space... though, there could be like a limit of 10-20 locked items with a count of 0 which take up no space.. up to jagex
  10. Well... that was the origional idea, but i have decided against that... it would just make more complication imo. So, all the tabs can have any itemdragged into them.
  11. Eww, don't lick me *wipes off* and, no... i havent sent it into jagex in quite awhile, im like 100% sure they have seen it, so any more spam will prolly start to annoy them :)
  12. I still look at the forums almost daily, though, i don't play Runescape anymore.
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