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  1. why bother posting this junk? honestly, get a real achievement and then post back. -100/10, yes I hate that you posted this :x
  2. I was wondering, I'm thinknig of getting a 200m stat, should it be fletching or theiving. I am also getting 50m construction xp, so I need your help on which to get, ty :)
  3. bye gl in rl! However your stats are just very average, although you could've got your skills amazingly good, however you didn't >.< maybe play to get it up even more? and collect more rares? ;)
  4. We just spoke today...why didn't you tell me! I'm mad at you :( i wanted you to get 99 summon....but =\ oh well :( GL in rl..wish m eluck on 2376 =) if i make it o.o pm me whenever you wanna talk :)
  5. gl in real life, the thing that is odd is that ypu said 8 years for your stats...8 years? is that like a 6 year break? honestly =\ sorry but thats too long fot your stats, but as lnog as you had fun thats cool I guess.
  6. your welcome enipeus :) I am the one who told ginga (my friend) a cracker seller (you) and I'm glad it worked out for the best, just ask him if you dont belive me :-).
  7. Last row needs some work on your skills, but overal pretty good :) 7/10
  8. I have finally got my 2100 total and 94 mage, at once! :) p.s I really hate showing my name, and yes it is my picture and I didnt fake it :) (as some flamers might think) p.s.s I didnt notice I didnt include the last row of skills, its 99 construction (as seen in pic with cape) 99 hunter and 75 summoning. Any questions I will be sure to answer them :)
  9. 0/10 pointless to me, but 1 million/10 for your main account, much love for those stats
  10. 2/10, I'm sorry I have to do this but I really don't like your stats, not hating on them but train them to be 50+ and 1500+ at your level at least, the 2 is for the guthans since I love it, keep training your stats and I'll give you 6/10 :D
  11. omg 10/10 love the purple! get the seeds out of those 160 seed nests and gimme them please? :P
  12. 1 billion/10, 1500 to 1800+ in a year is turly awesome, stats and bank are flawless to me, keep it up, big fan of yours :D
  13. 100/10 for bank 4/10 for stats, not a fan of them sorry #-o
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