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  1. So I did it. As we were walking back to our dorms at about 2 am last night I asked if she wanted to go out some time, and she said no, there's someone back home she really likes. I'm not sure how I feel about this. I'm disappointed at her answer, but I'm glad I asked anyway. At least I tried, and I can't regret not speaking up now. I've never actually had the courage to ask someone out before, and now that I've at least tried it I feel like it will be easier in the future. I think we can remain good friends too, it really was not that awkward. By the way, I don't think ginger's comment about not regretting leaving was meant to reflect poorly on people here. I understand what you mean by the "person returning" attitude, but I doubt he feels superior to us just because he left.
  2. It could make her think that the only reason you were hanging out with her was because you were interested though. If you do happen to ask her and she does happen to say no, I'd make sure to let her know that you appreciate time spent with her regardless of whether or not there is the potential for anything else to happen. I don't think she would think that, we're actually very good friends. I'm not sure if that makes it harder or easier though.. I was also wondering about something. Whenever we sit next to each other doing homework, or messing around online, our legs/arms are always touching. I have not had many friends who are girls before, so I don't know if this is perfectly normal, or actually means something.
  3. Ok, well thanks for the advice Dan. I know you weren't trying to be hard, I suppose what I was looking for was to be told "Go for it! She'll say yes!", but that's probably not realistic. I disagree that it would ruin the friendship if she said no though. It might be awkward for a short time, but she would get over it.
  4. I liked the movie a lot, although some of their zombie survival techniques were ridiculous. Someone already mentioned the whole turning on the power to the carnival rides, I mean..wow. And how stupid do you have to be to pretend to be a zombie as a "joke" after the zombie apocalypse, in front of someone with a shotgun?
  5. Well thank you for the advice Iamdan. I know that no one here as an obligation to give advice, but it seems like any time I've posted here I've gotten the response "There's more than one girl out there, move on", for whatever situation.
  6. Is that what it means? If so that is not helpful to me. I have never even been on a date, so [doing] 10 other girls is not a very easy option. Thank you for trying though, I understand what you're getting at, that I should just move on.
  7. Hi everyone. I've not been on the forums much lately, but I recently got nostalgic for them, and then I realized that this would be a great place to ask about a problem I've been having. Basically it's your standard "I really like my best friend" problem, but I'll elaborate a bit. I met this girl a while ago, and instantly we really connected; I've never had such a fun time talking to anyone. I tried asking her out, but I suppose I was not clear enough as to my intentions, so I don't think she realized what I meant. Anyway, since then we've become pretty close friends, but it's getting hard for me to just be her friend while I still like her as much as I do. I know that sounds selfish, but it's true. I would ask her out again, and be clear about what I meant this time, but considering this is probably the best friendships I've ever had, I'm afraid that if she said no it would ruin it. I know that there are only two options here, go for it or don't, so I don't really know what advice I'm asking for, but anything would be greatly appreciated.
  8. On NPR they said that she would be stepping down next month. Kaphias, I haven't really followed her much, how is she as a governor?
  9. I'm confused, what is this topic about? Well going on the original post, it's very hot here, and I live in the far north of the United States. So..yeah.
  10. Would you guys mind if I joined in on your game tomorrow? I know I have Nadril and Errdoth added on steam, but I'm not sure who else. I used to play mostly pyro, but lately I've switched to spy and engineer, they're more fun when you do well with them.
  11. Everyone looks good with a smile if they put confidence behind the smile, and you're not unfortunate looking so you should smile and be proud of it! ;) This is a bit late, but thank you for the compliment. My natural smile looks quite nice I think, it's just when I try to smile for photographs it looks odd. I will try to find a picture of me where I am smiling/laughing naturally.
  12. No you are not a murderer, that term only applies to the destruction of another human being. Why feel bad that you killed a living creature? This is completely natural. The dominant species kills the lesser. The method in which you killed them probably did not cause them an immense amount of pain, I imagine your lawn mower (I assume it is gas powered) eviscerated them rather quickly. But their method of death is not consequential, it has the same effect as if you had speared them with a sharpened flint point. In short: chill out bro.
  13. Well here is my picture, it was taken at my high school graduation. If I smile with teeth it looks completely unnatural, I lack the ability to fake a smile.
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