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  1. MSSW5 will happen, cant give you an exact date, but it will happen. Back in the days of MSSW1 i would throw these topics together in just a bit of time, but it seems that the more i learn about programming the more complex they become. For this next event i plan on creating very basic stat signatures that will store a given users stats in a database. This database will then report how many people are on a given team and the average level and such. There are a bunch of issues involving this, like what if someone uses the TIP.it sig as well as the RV sig, but they should be easy enough to overcome. Either way have faith that MSSW5 will happen when i get some spare time :)
  2. Thank you for doing the interview, you guys at the Chronicle rock (also i don't remember my spelling being so good, so if you fixed up some things THX, if not well maybe my reading is starting to go too :? ) Also i have read the MSSW4 tip.it topic, and i think that the first article doesn't really give a fair impression of how most users felt about the event. If during my interview i would of been asked "Are there any comments about the failure of MSSW4?" i would of said something like this; "I think that many people built up a false image of the war in there heads based on the stories told of the glorious win during MSSW3. Then when they get to the battleground it is just a big unorganized group of people killing stuff. Normally this would prove to be enough, but when you expect a glorious battle and get a bunch of people killing random stuff you can't help but be disappointed. So i believe that the main flaw with the war was that people expected it to top itself, but to call it a failure is ridiculous."
  3. they really only have 5,3,2,3,1? :shock: Apparently Pure community has a lot more but their already waiting up at the ruined castle, Not sure if thats true or not they are massing on a different world, and will be jumping to world 62 pretty soon :P i took a peak at there forces and they have a good 100 people, and that was like 30 min ago
  4. it is possible that the countdown you were looking at is referring to some sort of pre-meeting, however as for the countdown to the actual event the most trustworthy one can be found in the offical MSSW4 sig, or in the time converter found in the link below or on the official topic http://dimg.biz/dynamicImages/Custom/MS ... W4Time.png
  5. 1) It's a joke :? 2) What idiot would really wear a party hat there? 3) That's old, I remember that from MSSW3. (Been slightly edited though) 1) exactly 2) for MSSW2 there was a guy fighting for Rune Crypt that wore a phat, i wish i knew where the screenshot was, but that was all he wore so he didn't lose it or anything 3) yea, that message has been in every MSSW, while the wording has slightly changed the meaning has alwase been the same :thumbsup: free phats :thumbsup:
  6. About the new location Throughout the day i have been checking out the new PVP update, and wow Jagex really did a good job on this one. So good that i am changing the location of the event to the classical fight location and changing the team meeting areas to various safe zones within the game. On top of this there will also be a new after-party that will take the place of the tourney, not sure what it will be but any ideas would be greatly appreciated :D Random Statistics Based on the numbers, it appears as if this will mainly be a war between Tip.it and Pure Community, however the graphs are missing a critical element and that is RSC. It is difficult to judge how many people will attend for them due to the deletion of the topic, however at least some clan support is likely. These numbers also don't include strategy topics, so really any site could prevail :P
  7. sorry, i made this topic without thinking. Close please :P
  8. since it is a steel war if range and magic were allowed they would dominate :ohnoes:
  9. timezones are confusing, but the converter is always right (just so long as your computer time is right) so just use that time :)
  10. Official Signature [url=http://forum.tip.it/viewtopic.php?f=112&t=762036][img=http://dimg.biz/dynamicImages/Custom/MSSW4/Sig/MSSW4TI.png][/url] Official Banner [url=http://forum.tip.it/viewtopic.php?f=112&t=762036][img=http://dimg.biz/dynamicImages/Custom/MSSW4/MSSW4Banner.gif][/url]
  11. I am sorry to say this, but MSSW4 will be delayed until the newest update to the clan wars system is released. The reason for this is because I believe that the new elements added by this update will make this war much more entertaining and for an event that happens 2 times a year that is something worth waiting another month for :). Also there is a possibility that the free for all arena may be just what we are looking for. In the meantime any debates as to what settings the clan wars arena should be set to would be much enjoyed :P Personally I am leaning towards First team to 300 kills with a 45 min time limit and you keep items on death with magic, range and range disabled of cource :)
  12. i have given much thought into what you guys have said about delaying the war for the FFA update, and currently i believe that delaying would not be the correct decision. This is because i believe the FFA update will be designed much like bounty wars (where you die and re-spawn outside the area) and if this is true zombieing will be a huge issue. I have set up a debate on createdebate.com (here), and filled it with all the arguments i could think of. So if you guys want to put in your input you can do it there. Or you may reply to this post...same thing i guess :P
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