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  1. I'm trying to locate a certain author of an article posted a while back here in the Rants forum. The article's name was "Here be Dragons," wherein the author spoke passionately about the lack of adventure in MMOs because of the inherently 'grindy' aspect of XP gain and the degrading state of Runescape. It was one of the most well-written runescape rants of all time - even Mod Mark commented on the article and claimed it was part of the inspiration for the Dungeoneering skill. I would greatly appreciate if anyone could find the author and tell me some way to contact him. I am in need of his writing abilities. Thanks. - mario
  2. Well I was going to do a piece for this contest, but I ran out of time due to RL things. Anyway, here's the work in progress. I'll probably finish it over the summer.
  3. Question: Can we enter a piece of art that we have worked on prior to this contest?
  4. Wow this game is insanely fun. I've been playing on these two servers nonstop- both are 24/7 Nuketown Hardcore Domination, Instant spawns. The game is so chaotic that you'll find yourself getting spawn killed five times in a row with grenades flying in all directions, RPGs blowing the crap out of everything, and RC cars buzzing around the map. The game is so ridiculous that I was able to easily get triple sprays only a few seconds after I spawned, but I would always end up getting killed by an enemy spawning right behind me. It sounds annoying and terrible right? WRONG. I was getting insane exp... I've been leveling up massively just playing on those two servers. The fact that you can get 5 kills in only a few seconds coupled with the fact that domination tends to give you more points than TDM allows you to get some pretty crazy exp. Now of course for all you guys obsessed with K/D, this gametype is definitely NOT for you! But for all those who just want an insanely fun time, I highly suggest joining these servers: St. Louis 24/7 HC Dom Nuketown [RE] 24/7 H/C Nuketown
  5. Here is your solution: [edit - oops nevermind. Just remembered you are F2P. Let me come up with another solution] that will get you exactly 100M exp. kinggabe - He wants exactly 100M; no more, no less. Tip.it's calculators can't do that.
  6. Where do you check the yes:no ratio of your ideas?
  7. Yea I prefer the red dot sight on my tac knife, actually. The iron sights are just too awkward for me. Some weapons are like that.
  8. Looks like the ELITES will easily take first place in Unity in a matter of days! :ohnoes:
  9. When I said Activision I meant Activision-Blizzard.
  10. What does everyone think of the new Internet Explorer 9? For those of you who don't know, the open beta was released recently and can be downloaded here. At first I thought it was just another Vista (in other words, a useless carbon copy of its predecessor), but it turns out its received a nice little overhaul. Basically, Microsoft took all the good features from all the other browsers, and included them in IE9. Sorry IE haters, looks like the competition is heating up again. Features I noticed... The search box and URL box have been combined. Chrome had this. The browser is extremely clean. The design is flawless and all the cluttery toolbars have been removed, and the icons have been compressed. Chrome had this as well. The browser now has pinned sites. Finally. On that note, you can now drag websites down to your task bar (Windows 7) and they will be pinned there. Nice for facebook and youtube. Videos seem to load faster in general. When I visited youtube, the videos were loading fast to a point where I didn't have to pause the video every 5 seconds as I sometimes have to do on certain large videos. Pages seem to load slightly faster. Sorry FF and Chrome. ;) Cons... Getting random errors sometimes. Sometimes I have to close IE and restart it. Kinda annoying, but I'm sure they'll fix it when they release the full package.
  11. Why the hell would they do that!? Maybe they should ask real money for unlocking stuff. Yes, yes.... Dear lord Activision has already caught on to the strategy of releasing half-baked games (COUGH COUGH STARCRAFT 2) and then making their players pay another load of cash for the other half, DONT GIVE THEM ANY MORE NASTY IDEAS. :ohnoes:
  12. I think about a month ago there was a rumor that the f2k had its recoil significantly reduced. Some kid put up a fake vid on youtube which caused a one-day sensation on the IW forums. For a single day or two almost everyone was using the f2k, then they realized it still had a massive recoil and the rumors were entirely false.
  13. Portal 2 Kingdom Hearts 3 Battlefront 3 Elder Scrolls 5 'nuff said :shades:
  14. So in approximately 10 hours someone will have probably completed the statue. Tension is killing me. :o
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