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  1. Open to just about anything, just need some general tips on how to get me back on my feet again. Cash reserves are very low (300k) Thanks!
  2. Kingly Imps and Crowns are tanking hard right now :L
  3. 1. Would you still play this game 5 years hence? Its hard to tell, I could be; I never wouldve thought I'd still be playing 8 years later hah 2. What would KEEP you playing this game? (surely something Jagex is seriously interested in) If so, what? (shops that sell phats and whips for 1 gp?) Its hard to tell what keeps me coming back. The HD graphics was definitely a point of interest. The vastness of Runescape is one of few games that I've yet to complete to its end.
  4. Heres my collection of old stuff. Sadly this is all I have left from my RSC flicks :[ Bug Fix Box A VERY VERY aged stat picture haha Recovered my account after 262 days of inactivity haha An old picture edit I did forever ago Flick of my Cranador map and Bluerite sword. Still have my Cranador map too, although I think I misplaced my bluerite sword double. Oldest picture of my account I have. Hence the date on the client reads '03, Strangely enough I took that screenshot on my birthday haha. Pretty its because someone traded my Santa for their Party Hat that day. A flick of myself, my brother, and our best RSC mate
  5. hey!

    been a while since we've talked. Loving the signature though

  6. I recently got a new laptop (keep in mind my moms Dell overheated and we had to replace the hard drive and I encountered a similar problem with that). Essentially its pretty beats hardware wise and shouldn't have problems running Runescape. When in game there's no "interenet lag" per-say, like i gave move about the game just fine without experiencing lag. Its the visual elements that have problems loading quickly. First example: Teleported to seers, took a minute for the stone wall texture, and tree textures to load. Second example: Opened the magic tab, took a minute for all the icons to load up. Why aren't these things appearing instantly like they normally should? Any ideas?
  7. Its a conspiracy! Jagex is plotting against us nooooessss!
  8. Back in my day Jagex released sleeping bags, and before that mining was the only skill that gave you "fatigue"... Then again, Jagex made both of those completely obsolete with randoms :)
  9. I voted farming :] I love farming and its thee oldest of the newest (non-rsc) skills that were released. I'd be very interesting to see what Jagex could dream up for us die-hard farmers Strawberries are the best agility food, they heal 55 each at my combat level and you can put 5 in a basket, so 275lp per space! That being said I really regret my 255 strawberry baskets I sold when I stopped farming them -.-
  10. This sparks an idea! I wonder how many people from the cheating/marcoing/private server communities will attend, id laugh if a riot/bar brawl broke out between Jagex staff and Runescape Underground :D
  11. Agreed ^ On a final note: You'll come back, THEY ALWAYS COME BACK! Jagex's motto: If we build it they will come; horrifying enough as it is, sadly its come true.
  12. i tired that on a willow tree and the farmer asked for an basket of apples, which is what you pay him to protect the patch. where does the 200gp come in?
  13. It mentions regular trees, does this all trees other then spirit? If so how do you get the farmer to have the tree cut for you?
  14. Nope, pretty sure they've always been this stupid :] I remember in RSC when Shanty's Pass was introduced some of the "red tickets" (aka Shantys Pass) got leaked in to the free version of the game and instantly sold for a relatively high market retail value edit: in retrospect, so did sleeping bags when they were introduced haha
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