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  1. I used the link that Arceus provided which referred me to the payment support team (see below).
  2. UPDATE: I wrote to Jagex regarding this issue and they replied within a day. Mod Base was very kind and he worked with my account to restore my loyalty streak as a "one-off gesture of goodwill". I know Jagex catches a lot of flack for bad customer service and not caring about the players, but in this case my experience was very positive and productive.
  3. Well, it looks like the answer is spelled out pretty clearly in the Members Loyalty Programme article that Arceus referenced... Darn...
  4. Thank you, I appreciate the response. I will try to contact Jagex about it. Even if it can't be fixed, at least I will know now where I stand.
  5. Hello. I am currently a mostly inactive Runescape player, but I maintain an active membership subscription to keep my $5 monthly rate (plus I like to log in once in a while to while to tinker around). In March of this year, I had a credit card issue where my credit card company experienced a data security breach and as such they decided to reissue me a new credit card and deactivate my old one. Since I was in the middle of moving when this occurred, my mind was preoccupied with other matters and I forgot to update my credit card billing information with Jagex which led to my character losing membership status for about a week. I was able to reinstate payment in time to preserve my grandfathered rate; however, I was wondering if this momentary lapse in membership would disqualify me from getting my crown of loyalty (4 year). I have kept my membership active for the last 5 years (with this one exception) and I have received all of my crowns of loyalty until now. Will I have to start over now and wait another 4 years to get my next crown? If so, that is quite disappointing... ~Numismaster
  6. When you log into the beta for the first time, it automatically imports your current progress as the save file. If you want to update your save file after that, use the 'import save' button in the lower-left corner. I've just verified that it works. So progress from older betas will be lost if I log into this one? I spent a significant amount of time previously training and building up my accounts in the last few betas and I would hate to have to start all over again... :( "Alas, such is life. An arduous journey speckled with fleeting moments of fantastical bliss intertwined amongst bittersweet sorrows and pains. To live is to die . . . "
  7. is there a way to log into the beta without importing your current save file?
  8. Regrettable, I have lost 2 sets of 3rd age range armor (with accessories) right after I bought them . . .
  9. I would do something that would have less chance of deleting possibly good ideas. Perhaps if an idea doesn't get over 5 supports in 6 months then its deleted. This would be a way to get rid of ideas that are basically abandoned (if a player is getting no supports for several months, then either the community dislikes it or the player has probably abandoned it because a player could probably get at least 5 supports from friends). With this idea, most ideas that are heavily disliked or abandoned will be deleted. It will leave some trash but less. The only trouble I see with a a longer wait time is the build-up of an overwhelming supply of poor ideas. Although some good ideas may be deleted with a shorter wait time, many more would be lost in a sea of inferior suggestions. Rune Labs has barely been released and already we are completely swamped with hundreds of pages of ideas, to the point where many, if not most, people are turned off from whole thing.
  10. Well, the plan is that if Rune Labs becomes too bloated, all if these unread/unseen posts will die and be deleted within a matter of hours or days. If someone is passionate about their idea, I'm sure they could find support for it or at least re-post it a couple of times. The people who spam Rune Labs with half-thought out ideas (or just plain useless junk) probably will not be as motivated to see their ideas flourish and therefore will not put the same amount of effort in keeping their ideas alive. It's true, some decent proposals might be consumed as collateral damage, but ultimately I believe the really good ideas would resurface and rise to the top, especially after all of this initial new update hype dies down.
  11. I think Jagex should introduce a mechanic to Rune Labs that mimics the old general stores. I remember before personalized shops were released, the general store would fill up with all sorts of random items the people would sell. Then every few seconds, an item from each stack would disappear until eventually the entire supply would be exhausted, thus freeing up room for new items. So with Rune Labs, ideas can gain votes/likes/whatever which periodically diminish. The better ideas survive because they gain support faster than it is depleted while the poorer suggestions fade away. Once an idea reaches zero support, it is automatically deleted. The support depletion rate can be tweaked based on the volume of ideas added (perhaps -20 votes per day, or -5 votes per 3 hours, etc.) This way, the system can self regulate and filter ideas with minimal effort needed on the part of Jagex staff. Initially, everyone's ideas will start with the same amount of support, but I would bet that after a week with this system in place, the really good stuff would be clearly sifted out from the junk. Then perhaps Jagex could review the top 10-25 leading ideas at the end of each week (with the option of possibly resetting the whole system at the end of the week/month/quarter). I think this solution would handle most of the issues that we currently see in Rune Labs. However, it is possible that a bad or invalid idea may gain a lot of support from the Runescape community and thus survive in the system for a while. But that would be relatively easy for Jagex to spot and deal with.
  12. Well, I guess I found it unusual that I would receive presents with colors so neatly divided (1 blue, 2 green, 3 white, 4 red, 5 purple). I don't believe there is any significance to the colors; therefore, I see no reason for them to appear in any pattern other than random. If that is the case, then the probability of getting this color arrangement should be quite low, right?
  13. Hello! Does anyone know if Jagex will reopen any of the beta worlds again? If they do, will my beta account still be saved from the previous openings? Is it feasible to petition Jagex to set up a permanent beta testing server? I thoroughly enjoyed messing around during the last few betas. It was great to be able to obtain every rare in the game and subsequently eat/drink/alch them! :twisted: I also enjoyed being able to research stuff like clue scroll reward drop rates without actually doing hundreds of clues. But the best part for me was amassing ridiculous wealth! I know it was all meaningless in the end, but it was great fun to pursue items and item collections that would never be possible in the real live game. My only regret from the last beta is that I failed to take a final bank picture before the beta closed. I knew it was closing, but my real life demanded my time and attention that last weekend. GF my undocumented 20 trillion+ bank! :wall: Anyway, I know most of you probably won't care about my silly, self-indulgent follies. However, I would love to be able to return someday to that very entertaining, yet perhaps pointless beta world. Is there any legitamite reason for me to hold on to the hope of seeing my all my crazy stuff again? If anyone has any information, I would greatly appreciated it. Thank you!
  14. What are the odds of this??? On the first day of the event I turned in 15 snowballs and these are the colors of the presents that I got (I arranged them in that order). I swear I did not open any presents before I took this screenshot.
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