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  1. How significant is the xp/hour difference between flesh crawlers and giant spiders? I like spiders, but they're always crowded and i use too much food
  2. If you have any black soul gems or the black star, then any human will give you a grand soul
  3. There are so many different ways to get to 1,000 total that there isn't a set amount of xp you need to gain. You could get all skills to the 40's or 50's and have 1k total, or you could get a couple skills to 99 to get 1,000 total. There's not a set amount of xp you need to get 1k total
  4. I'll get some steel arrows and try the sos first and if there's just too many bots then I'll go to ice giants. Thanks for the help
  5. A few months ago, I would have told you to do flesh crawlers in the SoS, but the bots there are just insane now. Once you get to 70+ ice giants should be a good idea with mith arrows. So suffer through the bots in the sos for a few levels then do ice giants? Alright, thanks
  6. What's a good way to train range in f2p? Mine is pretty bad and I've been meaning to get it up, would i just use iron/steel arrows with a maple shortbow in the sos?
  7. Amaranth_GTO


    Wheeee :D
  8. Thanks for the help guys :)
  9. After I get 99 smithing, I think I want to get all f2p skills 80+ at least before getting mems back. So what would be the best method for each skill? Here's what I'm thinking of doing: Strength - SOS probably, but it's always so crowded Range - I honestly have no idea Rc - Airs? Wc - probably willows If there are any better methods than those above, please let me know. Also, I was wondering how I should best make money. Is there anything that can come close to flipping?
  10. Not a big fan of their watches. I like the timexs better, but its hard to find a nice watch for not a lot of money. Also, I like polo shirts. I usually wear them for really casual things instead of wearing a t-shirt
  11. If you plan on training herblore, the scroll of cleansing would be helpful. If you plan on doing any smithing, the scroll of efficiency would be good.
  12. No idea when it's gonna be. Hopefully soon though
  13. I'm currently 88 smithing, and I want to get 99 on either platebodies or arrowtips. If I do platebodies, would it be worth it to get a scroll of efficiency?
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