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  1. at a bit of a stall right now. have alot going on with working full time. so hopefully gaining some levels on my day off =]
  2. [hide=recent leveling] [/hide] oh and got this 2 kills before end of task: also updated slayer log.
  3. [hide=recent levels] [/hide] also updated slayer assignments
  4. ok reached a personal goal of 1k green charms. next personal goal 1k crims and 500 blue
  5. dadi you will be missed greatly. you have been there for me through my 4 99's. i will get 99 slayer for you now!
  6. [hide=update!] Vfirst ever elite clue total worth 613kV [/hide] also updated my slayer log.
  7. probably with either a slayer level or 99 def. depends on how close i am to 2k and to level. ty meddy
  8. Drunk play rs for epic lulz. it woulda been epic fun but i kinda was nowhere near a computer last night.
  9. @ dadi i agree it is a hawt cape @grape.... that'd take waaaaaaaaaaaaay too long ok so here's the deal imma be a lil bit behind on fishing as i am going to a party tonight to celebrate a friends birthday and to celebrate late for new years! teehee. good speed on your skilling abilities!
  10. Getting attack or strength first apparently makes the rest a lot faster. lol i'm letting tif decide. and as it stands 5-3 for def
  11. lol it is an un organized bank atm. when i get sometime i'm gonna rearrange it. EDIT: first post page 2!!!!
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