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  1. Bonus xp weekend starts tomorrow at 6 AM c/st (Texas) correct? Thanks in advance
  2. +24m-ish Fishing xp Also, what skill(s) should I work on next, kinda short on cash (25m) so no buyables yet :(
  3. Hmm as far as I could tell in vids, it looked similar to hunting red chins, and well what I do is usually click on a snowy knight, and since usually I don't catch it on the first attempt, I focus on the movie for about 10-15 secs, then back to hunter, not the most efficient way to play, but, meh. Maybe i'll look into hunting jadinkos for the last 1m xp or so, thanks.
  4. I watch movies while I play, so I don't really want to pay attention, and get the max efficiency out of 100% of my time, sorry.
  5. Hey guys, I'm currently barehand catching Snowy Knights atm for Hunter xp, i'm getting around 90-95k xp/hr But, somewhere I read that Snowy Knights were faster xp/hr than Black Warlocks, can anyone confirm this? And also could someone tell me what xp/hr I can expect at Black Warlocks if I catch them? Thanks in advance!
  6. ^This. Cavefish are fine, you'll get a little bit more xp/hr & gp/hr than monkfish, the spot doesn't move that often, you only need to check back every now and then.
  7. mhch720


    Thanks to both of you, both were very helpful :)
  8. mhch720


    Is there any way that I can find out which clan has the highest average total level? If not, can you tell me a clan that has a 2200+ average total level that doesn't specialize in anything? (unlike 3bo, or Nex Specialist) Thanks in advance!
  9. Whenever you eventually decide to get Turmoil, use your Yak to store more bones when you use them on a gilded altar.
  10. You can kill green dragons and collect their bones and hides, and Farming by doing herb runs every hour or so.
  11. How many Sacred Clay Hammers would i need for 70-80 Construction 70-74 Oak Larders 74-80 Dungeon Doors Thanks in advance!
  12. Sorcerer's Tower, there are 4 Magic Trees there, they're about 20-25k xp/hr and 80-120k gp/hr. However, it's overpopulated with bots 24/7.
  13. Definitely a Chaotic Maul since you pvp a lot, and you're looking into TD's.
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