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  1. so at dks they drop noted dagg bones 100% but not hide??
  2. i remember reading somewhere that they drop noted dagg hides and bones 100% but im not sure if its true or not
  3. so i remember reading some where that the boots drops noted dagg hide and bones. but i checked these boots in the item db and it says nothing about it. so any1 knows if they do drop noted hide and bones?
  4. Whip and claws going down cause theres more going into game and none lost from game. Veracs/barrow item going down cause of botters in barrow
  5. If u dont want to drop the fish u can always bank them since the bank is really near the fish spot
  6. Heh. That guy's awesome. Skyler's really starting to annoy me. Too much planning. And Dale's? (Is that his name? I can't ever remember, I always think of him as Doug from Flight of the Conchords) video that Hank showed Walt and Walt Jr. was pretty damn funny. Its gale i think (what kind of a name is that for a guy)
  7. If using this method u should use full slayer helm for mage damage boost
  8. I usually get around 3-8kc in the long run the runes and bolt racks add up and worth quite alot
  9. Pitch black - one of my favourite movie
  10. Tbh it would be way cheaper and faster if u waited till bonus weekend at around september then do it.
  11. Rings first quickblow is also good to unlock btw
  12. Wat pots r u making??
  13. Corping in a mass with like 0lsp is bad since it would almost be impossible to get a sigil. If u had some lsp, hopefully u can snipe a sigil if ur really lucky
  14. I heard crafting bloods/deaths r quite good money but u might need to complete some quest for them.
  15. Full verac with flail prob be good with turm/peity for the brothers. I would use whip and ddef for tunnel/ahrim/karils. Also dont forget to use spec wep on ahrim/karils. Tip: starting new trip/after chest kill ahrim furst as it will drain ur melee boost and then drink super restore and then melee pots after u killed ahrims
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