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  1. What would be the best/cheapest way for me to get 92 Herblore?
  2. Thanks everyone, I completely understand.
  3. If I get 100% and it goes down to 90% and I get it back to 100% and don't withdraw any it counts as I had 100% the whole time right?
  4. I've heard that the Ectofuntus is better than the Gilded Altar if you do it a certain way. Which one is better? If anyone does know this method, please tell me in detail.
  5. I prefer Shilo, I can't stand Barbarian Fishing.
  6. I don't drop or low alch them. I bank them for Cooking rocks for the Shattered Heart D&D. Thanks Vezon, I forgot all about the Granite Lobster.
  7. I've bought enough feathers for 85 Fishing, so I can fish Cavefish in the Living Rock Caverns. How would I go about keeping myself occupied during this process? Also, does anyone know the experience per hour, urns and fishing? My inventory consists of Fly Fishing Rod, Feathers, and two urns at all times. I would greatly appreciate any help on this subject and also if anyone knows a faster way that doesn't involve dropping I will gladly accept it. EDIT: I'll be doing my Dwarf Weed runs as I'm supposed to, every 90 minutes.
  8. So instead of doing 1-29 on solo c1, do 1-29 on solo c2 find fishing spots and deplete them no matter what they are?
  9. I've not understood what good fishing in Dungeoneering will do for me if they can run out?
  10. I'm interested in 99 from my current level of 80 before school starts on August 6th. I'll do Rocktail from 90-99. But what until then...?
  11. Okay, I'm starting to soak in my old RuneScape ways, I'm wanting to farm to get as much experience as possible using flowers, herbs, trees, fruit trees, and some special. I'll be slaying/other things in between.
  12. This is so difficult, how should I go about doing this, best, second best, and third best armour, inventory, etc.
  13. From level 74, plates or what? This is for my skiller.
  14. Okay guys, I just recently started up agian. I quit because I lost membership and got hacked. I'm not here asking for any donations, only donation I will accept will be your advice and help. Which is why I posted here and no where else. I got waterfiends as a task and I ain't too sure on the set up I should go with. I have about 1.5m to spend on it. I know you need a crush weapon which I may be able to borrow from someone. What armour setup should I go with? I also would like to get a nice chunk of change going so I need to know what kind of herbs to plant. I thank you all sincerely.
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