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  1. I should add that I won't be soloing
  2. I have about 67m to buy gear for Armadyl. Would I be better off buying full Armadyl instead of a spectral, or should I do a mix of spectral with armadyl plate or something? I'm 99 range 99 defence 99 mage 99 hp 78 summoning and 87 herblore.
  3. Wow, great! Thanks everyone. Now to just grind out the golds :( EDIT: Does anyone have an idea of how much this will cost if I keep reselling the pouches? I got about 115m including all secondaries with shards without reselling, but I only have about 7m right now. Does the shard cost/xp part of the tip.it summoning table make it easy to calculate this?
  4. I understand that it's wise to save blue charms for a higher level(not sure what level, can someone clarify?) but I have about 14k crimson, 10k green, 11k gold , and about 1k blue charms banked. Should I use up the golds first in order to use the crimsons on a higher level familiar? Golds are extremely slow xp and I hate using them, but if I should wait to use the crimsons then I will. I am currently 78 summoning and will be aiming for a unicorn and then a yak.
  5. Is the whip more effective at Bandos as a duo, or should I use my rapier?
  6. Will I need to do a few dungeons with you guys before I am invited? I've dunged with DGS before but I doubt anyone remembers me. My RSN is david103548.
  7. Thanks everyone, does anyone have a rough estimate of the cost from 77-96 summoning?
  8. Thank you both, so I should be aiming for yak?
  9. Hi, I finally got turmoil and now I'm wondering what to save my money for next. I currently have 87 herblore and 77 summoning. I have about 5m left over from getting turmoil. I have the charms for 95 or 96 summoning banked. I have a chaotic rapier/ddef/all quest rewards but I don't have a fury/bandos/armadyl etc. Would it be better to spend my money on a skill? I currently do armadyl the most usually as a duo or trio.
  10. PROSAYA GRENATA If anyone gets that, I like you. But seriously, rewards weren't that great for the annoyance of the quest. Unless you range solo dungeons. Still, xp is xp. Resident Evil?
  11. epitaph_o


    I've found that having two people chinning the same spot actually makes the monkeys respawn faster and thus creating far more monkeys. It's really easy to get a 3x3 square going if you have two people chinning.
  12. It wasn't required a few years ago, but I don't know if it's required now.
  13. epitaph_o

    Underground Fail

    This thread brings back good memories of when I tried this quest...what a pain in the penis...
  14. Title says it all, which should I choose?
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