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  1. Don't really want to get owned by blue dragon, hence why I want to fight the babies lol. Ty For everyone's help though
  2. It an untradeable item. The only other way to get to the dragons is to have 70 agillity. And as I don't have that and don't want to run near a blue dragon it not the best idea
  3. I had one but lost it. Don't have the quest points to get into legends guild and not sure where to get another?
  4. What key do I need to get to the Baby blue dragons in Falador?
  5. Why do you want to fish pike? Shilo would be best to bank, or you can use the spot west of the fishing guild and sell the pike to Rasolo who hangs out near there. Thought it'd be quicker xp than Lobsters, What would be better doing bait fishing or fly fishing?
  6. Where can I fish Pike that has a bank nearby?
  7. Where do i get a cannon ball mould? Not sure if it just me but I couldn't see any in GE
  8. Where do i get a cape of achievement, do i get it at the respective guild (so fletch cape at fletch guild) or is there 1 place to get them?
  9. Was just wondering the value of yew longs when they are high alched?
  10. Was just wondering where I can get essence pouches from and how hard it is to get them?
  11. Was hoping I could gold trim to make more money. Cheers for response
  12. Was just wondering how you can gold trim armor (e.g green dragonhide body) or if it isn't possible and it is only (g) because it is dropped?
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