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  1. I'm trying to get 90 in most combat stats so I can get Prom gear in Dungeoneering. Would Soul Wars (2 zeal clans) or Armored zombies be the better choice? My stats are: 91 Constitution 87 Attack 90 Strength 86 Defence 71 Prayer 79 Summoning I also have Enhanced Excalibur, Salve Ammy (e), Void, and ~20m to spend if it matters. Thanks in advance for the help! :thumbsup:
  2. Drivers who blare rap music FULL BLAST out their car, and roll down all the windows... People who don't understand that in different countries, words are spelled differently, like... Mom/Mum Color/Colour ect When i make a really long post, forget to enter it, and go to a different page -.- :wall: :wall: :wall: People learning emoticons and either spam it or get it wrong. 8=D is not a smiley face. People who are taking a foreign language and only use what they learned. Example Donde esta el bano? (pardon the marks) Este en la cocina. (Reallly long spanish sentence) Um what im only in spanish 1 not fluent GAGDSGRVSEFA When people in games ask you to RECORD/DID YOU RECORD THAT LOL? That handyman who was actually a creep and went through my sisters clothes.... When people spam cursing when theres no censors. America. DATS RITE When my cat sleeps on my clothes I lay out on my bed :roll:
  3. I beat the quest.. in 6 hours... using videos... :evil: :evil: :evil: :evil: :evil: :evil: I deserve a cookie! :[
  4. Back in my day, there wasn't a thing such as a "Grand Exchange". We had to spam SMD in every bank in Falador, Varrock, and Lumbridge to Sell Mithril Daggers Smd for short
  5. Back in my day, we didn't have any fancy-schmancy whips or slayer or fishing. We had good old-fashioned woodcutting, and lots of it! There we burning logs, far-as the eye can see, with no such things as "noobs", but mere fellows looking to see how much shrimp he could cook and not burn in one go! Now tell me, young whippersnappers, what can YOU recollect from your old days? (Format=Back in my day,----------)
  6. Hi. I was wondering what the final price of the SoL will be. I'm personally guessing around 3m-ish (current price is 6m). I would like to buy one so having other thoughts/opinions would be very helpful. Thanks in advance! \:D/ :thumbsup:
  7. I feel like a noob.

  8. Yeah just came back after 2 months of quitting since i got into fps games.... trying to get requirements for nomads requiem so.. I want to get some of the mining done by shooting star DD. What are the clan names (and what world if you know)? Cheers! :thumbsup: It would also be useful if you could mention penguins clans...
  9. Well this is getting interesting \ keep it up! Bump :ugeek:
  10. Girls are a mystery :roll: :roll:
  11. I guarantee you I have done ~90% of all of the stuff that is posted. From nails to chewing plastic to chewing plastic to peeing while sitting down. FREAKS RULE! =D> But I have something so far NONE of you have posted. It is so bizarre, so WEIRD, so unimaginably off-putting, that it MUST be hidden! [hide=FEAR THE EVIL PIXELS!]I bring my Dave&Busters jacket to school. Everyday. Since 5th grade (going into 8th) It doesn't matter if its 61 degrees F or 105. I bring it to school. I use it as a pillow when I'm done with the work \ 3.83 GPA FTW[/hide] Oh and by the way, -.- I hate you. :evil: FML MOMENT -.- :thumbdown: :evil:
  12. I view abortion not by what it is, but why you are doing it. An abortion that was made because of a victim of rape is fine by me. I don't think anyone wants to be a single mother of a rapist's child. An abortion that was made because someone had a little too much fun is wrong imo. You don't learn anything that way.
  13. 1roddad1


    I can't stand the smell of tobbacco -.- Most people who smoke don't realize it's PHYSICALLY harmful to those around them. The smell is gross, and they don't even think about second-hand smoke, which can be just as lethal as smoking itself. It really ticks me off when I see adults drinking/smoking... The only thing more stupid than the people who drink/smoke is the evil people who create tobacco. Beer brewers aren't evil imo, but they have the worst commercial with the same message. DRINK MY BEER AND GET ALL THE LADIES YOU WANT! Rip caps lock for Billy Mays. :cry:
  14. I want the island where Tom Hanks met Wilson. \
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