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  1. According to TMZ, Michael Jackson is indeed dead. RIP Michael Jackson
  2. I sure did love to explore. I remember being so happy when I found that shortcut from falador to draynor through the barbarian village/draynor manor. I didn't really open the world map until i became a member, and the beginner's map was pretty lame, so I just walked around trying to find a city. Not knowing how big the dark wizards circle was, i always used to run through the gates varrock or walk around the fence there. I also used to think "look at all these silly people, teleporting where they want to go. I'd rather run. Now I'm to lazy to go from varrock to falador :lol:
  3. While training str, I lend frequently lend my whip for free, but if someone offers money, I'll take it.
  4. Look for colleges IRL, Barrows, 58 summoning, rouges armour, and a 99 for me.
  5. the one where you hold someone's hand as if to shake hands, then bull each other in, hug, pat on back, and release is considered a hug. Suposedly it is done mostly by african americans...
  6. http://www.nytimes.com/2009/05/28/style/28hugs.html?pagewanted=1&em [hide=New York Times article]For Teenagers, Hello Means How About a Hug? There is so much hugging at Pascack Hills High School in Montvale, N.J., that students have broken down the hugs by type: Teenage Fads, Forever Young How do trends among high school students develop and spread so quickly? Katie Dea and Henry Begler, both 14, at the Claire Lilienthal School in San Francisco, prefer a friendly hug to a high-five greeting. There is the basic friend hug, probably the most popular, and the bear hug, of course. But now there is also the bear claw, when a boy embraces a girl awkwardly with his elbows poking out. There is the hug that starts with a high-five, then moves into a fist bump, followed by a slap on the back and an embrace. Theres the shake and lean; the hug from behind; and, the newest addition, the triple any combination of three girls and boys hugging at once. Were not afraid, we just get in and hug, said Danny Schneider, a junior at the school, where hallway hugging began shortly after 7 a.m. on a recent morning as students arrived. The guy friends, we dont care. You just get right in there and jump in. There are romantic hugs, too, but that is not what these teenagers are talking about. Girls embracing girls, girls embracing boys, boys embracing each other the hug has become the favorite social greeting when teenagers meet or part these days. Teachers joke about one hour and six hour hugs, saying that students hug one another all day as if they were separated for the entire summer. A measure of how rapidly the ritual is spreading is that some students complain of peer pressure to hug to fit in. And schools from Hillsdale, N.J., to Bend, Ore., wary in a litigious era about sexual harassment or improper touching or citing hallway clogging and late arrivals to class have banned hugging or imposed a three-second rule. Parents, who grew up in a generation more likely to use the handshake, the low-five or the high-five, are often baffled by the close physical contact. Its a wordless custom, from what Ive observed, wrote Beth J. Harpaz, the mother of two boys, 11 and 16, and a parenting columnist for The Associated Press, in a new book, 13 Is the New 18. And there doesnt seem to be any other overt way in which they acknowledge knowing each other, she continued, describing the scene at her older sons school in Manhattan. No hi, no smile, no wave, no high-five just the hug. Witnessing this interaction always makes me feel like I am a tourist in a country where I do not know the customs and cannot speak the language. For teenagers, though, hugging is hip. And not hugging? If somebody were to not hug someone, to never hug anybody, people might be just a little wary of them and think they are weird or peculiar, said Gabrielle Brown, a freshman at Fiorello H. LaGuardia High School in Manhattan. Comforting as the hug may be, principals across the country have clamped down. Touching and physical contact is very dangerous territory, said Noreen Hajinlian, the principal of George G. White School, a junior high school in Hillsdale, N.J., who banned hugging two years ago. It was needless hugging they are in the hallways before they go to class. It wasnt a greeting. It was happening all day. Schools that have limited hugging invoked longstanding rules against public displays of affection, meant to maintain an atmosphere of academic seriousness and prevent unwanted touching, or even groping. But pro-hugging students say it is not a romantic or sexual gesture, simply the hello of their generation. We like to get cozy, said Katie Dea, an eighth grader at Claire Lilienthal Alternative School in San Francisco. The high-five is, like, boring. Some sociologists said that teenagers who grew up in an era of organized play dates and close parental supervision are more cooperative with one another than previous generations less cynical and individualistic and more loyal to the group. But Amy L. Best, a sociologist at George Mason University, said the teenage embrace is more a reflection of the overall evolution of the American greeting, which has become less formal since the 1970s. Without question, the boundaries of touch have changed in American culture, she said. We display bodies more readily, there are fewer rules governing body touch and a lot more permissible access to other peoples bodies. Hugging appears to be a grass-roots phenomenon and not an imitation of a character or custom on TV or in movies. The prevalence of boys nonromantic hugging (especially of other boys) is most striking to adults. Experts say that over the last generation, boys have become more comfortable expressing emotion, as embodied by the MTV show Bromance, which is now a widely used term for affection between straight male friends.But some sociologists pointed out that African-American boys and men have been hugging as part of their greeting for decades, using the word dap to describe a ritual involving handshakes, slaps on the shoulders and, more recently, a hug, also sometimes called the gangsta hug among urban youth. Teenage Fads, Forever Young How do trends among high school students develop and spread so quickly? Post a Comment ยป Its something you grow up doing, said Mazi Chiles, a junior at South Gwinnett High School in Snellville, Ga., who is black. But you dont come up to a dude and hug, you start out with a handshake. Some parents find it paradoxical that a generation so steeped in hands-off virtual communication would be so eager to hug. Maybe its because all these kids do is text and go on Facebook so they dont even have human contact anymore, said Dona Eichner, the mother of freshman and junior girls at the high school in Montvale. She added: I hug people Im close to. But now youre hugging people you dont even know. Hugging used to mean something. There are, too, some young critics of hugging. Amy Heaton, a freshman at Bethesda-Chevy Chase High School in Bethesda, Md., said casual social hugging seemed disingenuous to her. Hugging is more common in my opinion in people who act like friends, she said. Its like air-kissing. Its really superficial. But Carrie Osbourne, a sixth-grade teacher at Claire Lilienthal Alternative School, said hugging was a powerful and positive sign that children are inclined to nurture one another, breaking down barriers. And it gets to that core that every person wants to feel cared for, regardless of your age or how cool you are or how cool you think you are, she said. As much as hugging is a physical gesture, it has migrated online as well. Facebook applications allowing friends to send hugs have tens of thousands of fans. Katie Dea, the San Francisco eighth grader, as well as Olivia Brown, 11, who lives in Manhattan and is the younger sister of Gabrielle, the LaGuardia High freshman, have a new sign-off for their text and e-mail messages: *hug.*[/hide] and also http://wcbstv.com/local/school.bans.hugs.2.969949.html [hide=No touching,wcbs]MILFORD, Conn. (CBS) ?A Connecticut middle school principal has laid down the law: You put your hands on someone -- anyone -- in any way, you're going to pay. A violent incident that put one student in the hospital has officials at the Milford school implementing a "no touching" policy, according to a letter written by the school's principal. East Shore Middle School parents said the change came after a student was sent to the hospital after being struck in the groin. Principal Catherine Williams sent out a letter earlier in the week telling parents recent behavior has seriously impacted the safety and learning at the school. "Observed behaviors of concern recently exhibited include kicking others in the groin area, grabbing and touching of others in personal areas, hugging and horseplay. Physical contact is prohibited to keep all students safe in the learning environment," Williams wrote. Students and parents are outraged. They said the new policy means no high-fives and hugs, as well as horseplay of any kind. The consequences could be dire, Williams warned in the letter. "Potential consequences and disciplinary action may include parent conferences, detention, suspension and/or a request for expulsion from school," Williams wrote. Many think the school's no tolerance policy goes way too far. Others said it's utterly ridiculous. "Now it's almost as if it's a sanitized school. Where you have to keep your distance from everybody? And that's not what school is about," one father said. "What if they are out on the playground at recess, or in gym class?" parent Kathy Casey wondered. "You know, gym class is physical.[/hide] What do you all think about these rules about no touching or no hugging. I personally think that they are way over the top. I, for one, did not re familiar ad about any big deal when people gave high-fives or daps more then they did handshakes to people they were familar with. I hug my friends sometimes as well, and there is nothing sexual in any way with those hugs. I feel something is amiss here, but I would like to see this rule at my school, just so the students could defy it
  7. I find it funny how a man convicted of child pornography (of one who is not real, let alone a child) can be charged the same a man who wiretapped 78 times or a man who KILLS 3 people DUI...
  8. do you think the penguins will try waterboarding? I like the penguin hunter expansion, but for most people, its fairly useless as there is no loot.
  9. I never did learn how to do that one... My friend refuses to dance, but when he does, the ones he knows are from the '20s...'cept he makes it look cool =P @trapical-I know what you mean... :thumbsup:
  10. This topic is just asking how your personal dancing style is. and I wanted to get more dance moves for my repertoire =) I dance quite fast and lively, and will usually get the beat of the dance and go with it. I'll snap my fingers, clap my hands, and move in a fluid-ish motion. For some reason, I always seem to start dance battles... Oh, yeah, And I will grind occasionally... I am not so good with slower songs however. :oops: At my last dance I went to, quite a few guys left already (for some reason) and I ended up with like 7 or 8 girls on me while dancing... Another time me and my friend had a dance off and we did the lamest (and most funny) move we could think of. I mostly did Micheal Jackson moves, lol. So what are y'alls dancing experiences or dance styles?
  11. [hide=]xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx[/hide]
  12. [hide=]Their Eyes Were Watching God by Hiroshima by John Hersey Zora Neale Hurston Slaughter-House Five by Kurt Vonnegut Amusing Ourselves to Death by Neil Postman A Gathering of Old Men by Ernest Gaines Fast Food Nation by Eric Schlosser The Crucible by Arthur Miller (a play) The Autobiography of Malcolm X by Alex Haley The Bean Trees by Barbara Kingsolver Seven Habits of Highly Effective Teenagers by Sean Covey[/hide] I was giving summer reading books for a friend
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