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  1. Monopolies are great fun, she could have exploited it for much more than she did.
  2. Anyone with the skill to truly hack runescape is not going to waste the time on your petty bank they can sell for a few bucks. You haven't been hacked, you've done something stupid and someone has taken advantage of it.
  3. I did level 1 clues for the longest time for money and for some reason I felt the need to keep all of the HAM items I pickpocketed getting clues. I have 550 or so of each piece.
  4. We got to 11k of the 13k needed resources and now we have zero and have to start from scratch. They took something that could be cool and a good way to work with clan members in a relaxed fashion and made it into one of the most grindy and time consuming aspects of the game. Why? Why do they always get so close and leave in a fatal flaw?
  5. Was the first person to take a pictuer of 1b gp... and he borrowed it all from a bunch of friends .. took a picture and gave it back to his friends 3 hit has already nominated himself in the early pages.
  6. This is right, plenty of people hire companies to level their account for them. You may be innocent but it's very difficult to prove that.
  7. I think it might be dependent on your summoning level, not sure though.
  8. How are these random people getting your email? I've never received anything like this
  9. This site is literally the last hope of salvation against the machines. Everyone else died out long ago, Tip.it is the last of the humans. Every non tipiter you see is a machine. Good luck to you.
  10. I'm more impressed by the 85+ prayer levels, that had to have been grueling.
  11. So paypal is going to get rid of some of its customers so some online game can decrease the amount of bots? Ok
  12. Ok, I'm excite. I haven't been excited for an update in a long time, please don't ruin this Jagex.
  13. Because that wouldn't be at all overpowered. Imagine Castle Wars with a Guardian's ward + grounding boots and full sagittarian, or Nex with a hexhunter bow. Corp with a primal spear, etc, etc. It would make Dungeoneering essentially give out the best items in the game, making almost all other methods redundant, as well as making the current chaotics useless, why would you ever choose a chaotic crossbow over a hexhunter bow, what monster do you actually range that doesn't use magic? I'm pretty sure he's saying for use within dungeoneering.
  14. Reverance at 95 Prayer Without Rev turmoil lasted 3 minutes 40 seconds=.43 points/sec With Rev it lasted 3 minutes 53 seconds=.41 points/sec
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