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  1. Incompetent JMod <--- Epitome of redundancy
  2. I'm already 1/65 of the way to passing S U O M I. I'm obviously the best choice for 200m all skills.
  3. It happens automatically when you take a screen shot with Swiftkit
  4. On that, has someone worked out how much a rapier costs per hit (via degradation)? If I'm not mistaken it's 133.33 gp per hit.
  5. TL;DR all of it. Some of you need to learn to be concise. Just because you don't report bots doesn't mean you support them. I've reported many bots yet they remain unpunished and saying that because someone doesn't reprimand their friends for botting doesn't mean they approve of it. Personally botting in runescape isn't worth ruining a friendship. My brother bots, he knows I don't condone botting but I'm not gonna sell him out, and he knows I'm going to laugh at him when he gets banned. Which happend but not in recent times because Jagex banning bots nowadays...lawl
  6. I'm sorry but you're just a joke. You can't make a claim and ask people not to question you....
  7. All these facts add up to one conclusion: Desupty as rank 1 overall for infinity and beyond. I hope suomi realizes this sooner rather then later, and quits before desupty makes a fool of him, just like any other person who has competed against him.
  8. Reporting is like a nude beach. Good in theory bad in execution.
  9. Just beat the quest probably my favorite quest yet..one thing that annoyed me was after watching the entire cut seen with lucien and the dragonkin I miss clicked and I had to re-watch the entire cut seen again lol >.<
  10. It doesn't matter through what media the opinion is expressed if someone affiliated with your company is speaking ill of that company you can't keep them around. I'm not saying what Jiblix did was wrong, everyone has the right to express their opinion but it was also necessary for jagex to demod him.
  11. This is the exact sentence why I hate it when the public gets informed: They form opinions of people and won't listen to reasoning ever. Once the media has tagged someone he is for life. Repeat offender...looking at and distributing child porn at the age of 40. There is obviously something wrong there.
  12. I don't see why people are taking sympathy on this guy he's a repeat offender who was distributing child porn at the age of 40. This wasn't some high school kid sending out pics of the girl he hooked up with the other night. He knew full well what he was doing was wrong and just because he was released from prison doesn't mean he was rehabilitated. America suffers from major over crowding in their prisons so a lot of people that can BS their way through a parole meeting can get out early. Also the people saying he hasn't displayed any inappropriate conduct in the time they've known him, that is something people like that are very good at...John Wayne Gacey anyone?
  13. I usually go through the same repetitive cycle. I set a large goal for myself, then one of 2 things happen I either achieve that goal and get bored cause there is nothing left for me to do or I burn out on my way to that goal. Both end with me taking a break of usually about 6 months then I comeback. Rinse and repeat for the last 5 years.
  14. I'm glad to see I wasn't just having some awful luck. 45 minutes or so and 49 tries and I finally got across. I guess you can go ahead and lock this topic. I posted it just wondering if I was doing something wrong and apparently this was just a cruel joke by Jagex. I have to do this twice! that is just mean.
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