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  1. Is it not that the max possible xp you can get from that is like 9k though?
  2. I meant worth it in the long run for prayer. By the time I have any ambition of substantially raising my herblore, I'd have had more than enough loyalty points by then me thinks lol After looking at the Jack of Trades xp formula, I think the winged auras would suit me better.. Thanks for the answer!
  3. Was looking at some of the "wing auras" and was wondering if the prayer xp increase stacks with altars. *Also as a side question, are these auras worth it in the long run to high level prayer? I'm level 71 trying for Turm..
  4. I want to get 82 Dung as quick as humanely possible. How would I go about doing this?
  5. True... Get 69 summoning first, then Grenwalls for money
  6. Grenwalls for the money. Raise summoning level for at least Bunyip.
  7. I do. So the Sara Sword's Strength bonus outweighs the Slash bonus of the D scim + Ddef combo?
  8. Which would a be better choice for Strength training at Armoured Zombies?? Saradomin sword : +82 Slash, +82 Strength Dragon Scimitar + Dragon Defender : 91 Slash, 72
  9. Was thinking of kidnapping a friend of mine and going to Bandos. His stats are similar to mine and we each have 40m to work with. Any suggestions for a good setup? *We don't have Overloads, Extremes, or Curses :)
  10. Found the problem.. Apparently, Java + Chrome + a Mac don't work well together..
  11. Just got a Macbook Pro for Christmas and tried to play Runescape; and boom the Lag hit me. It's so great, it even affects my typing at the loggin screen. I've tried all of the suggestions in the "Technical Support for Mac" sticky in the RSOF; update java, fully updated my computer, tried runescape in minimum detail, exited all other programs, add more ram to java(or whatever), tried to switch from Direct X to Open Gl (which failed) but still no positive results. Any suggestions?
  12. Would 90 attack and strength and 99 defense be reasonable for PVP/Pking and most PVM situations? If not, what would?
  13. I would think that too; but apparently, that isn't the case.
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