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  1. Most definitely, if only because of the lack of anything else to do. I've been playing for a little over two years. I've already done most of the easy to intermediate quests worth doing already, and I don't feel like spending a ton of time on the higher level quests just to unlock a few extra things I place little value on anyway. Currently i'm working on crafting 10k nats for alching. I like to do things myself, so i'm going to be cutting the logs too, which I know will take a very very long time. I'm not even sure why I bother. When I finally get my money I won't know what to do with it anyway. I haven't trained combat or done much fighting in awhile, because from my perspective trying to raise my combat level any further right now is just pointless (partly because I'm not the type of person that particularly enjoys taking on high level monsters, and partly because of Jagex forcing everyone to use Lootshare). I've quit for weeks at a time, but for some reason I keep coming back. I think it's because one day i'll hope i'll be rich enough to call myself a "high level". The problem I don't know what "high level" is. When I was level 3 I thought that I had to be level 30 to be considered a high level, and when I got to that level I decided the number was 60. And now, with my combat being only 85, I still don't consider myself even being close to being a high level.
  2. Maybe, instead of letting players play RSC again, they should make an alternate runescape that only existing accounts can go into, that still has the wild and duel arena and you'll always be able to trade with no limits. :)
  3. You do. Alot of people have come up with the same idea. Personally I think there should be a wider limit for the really high levels. Unfortunately I don't think Jagex ever thought of this.
  4. I don't think runescape resembles real life enough for there to be a very accurate representation of its form of government in real life. The only thing that I think would really apply is a libertarian/authoritarian scale (with Jagex's recent updates they've become VERY authoritarian).
  5. It may look like everyone is about to quit, but in the long term, the game will still be going strong (not saying I agree with his update). Though I can say for certain that runescape will never be the same. I have tried that for almost a year. I doubt you or anyone else will be able to make any headway, especially when you consider how long it took them to do this. Again, in no way am I supporting Jagex on this. I think getting rid of the free market (in a game at least :-w ) is a bad idea. And I doubt this will get rid of the goldfarmers. They'll probably just turn to hacking accounts or something.
  6. Maybe its just me, but I don't see every kid with ADHD going out and shooting someone...
  7. Well, I do kinda believe that, we can't exactly be helping the environment right now, can we? No, I suppose not. I'd much rather be on nuclear power than oil. I'm just very irritated that politicians are trying to use global warming as an excuse to tax everyone.
  8. Global warming is just a scam guys. The only thing even close to powerful enough to affect the Earth's climate right now is the Sun, not oil plants.
  9. For the people who actually bother to read that article, you'll see the link's title is completely innaccurate. Nevertheless, ouch. He got served. Sorry bout that, did this in a rush. Just look down and read the story. It should be there. EDIT: I'm really sorry about all the innacuracies. What happened was I read about the second incident on one website and went to their local news site to link the article. I didn't know it was the wrong one. Just a moment, and i'll link it to the article I read.
  10. My head hurts, i'll try again tommorrow. Lock please.
  11. Meh, just curious. :-w This thread applies to anyone here, even if you're not a US citizen. Tell me who do you want in the white house and why. Debate on here if you want, but this is meant to be an experiment. I don't wnat to just know who you support, I want to know the reasons. Also if you don't know/lost confidence in the government also post. EDIT: Incase you're wondering, my support is firmly rested with Ron Paul, for several reasons: (1) He's a constitutionalist, and would never consciously approve of any law that encroached on the people's basic rights, not even in the face of terrorism. (2) He will get rid of all the waste of government, and concentrate only on things that need to be done. I once heard him question why we paid to bomb bridges in Iraq, rebuild them, and leave the bridges at home rotting. :P (3) He will cut down on spending big time, and abolish the income tax. :D (4) He's not corrupt and tyrannical like all the other politicians in Washington. He's never once taken money from a corporate lobbyist, either. (5) He is going to follow George Washington's warning not to get entangled in foreign alliances by pulling out all troops, not just in Iraq in Afghanistan, but in all foreign countries. (6) After decades of debate, he's finally going to put up a fence at the border. :D Basically, the exact opposite of Big Brother, which is what America needs. Go to his campaign site for more information.
  12. +1 When I watched it awhile ago it looks like Kerry was about to answer the question, but I guess the testosterone took over when it came to stifling "civil disobedience".
  13. Some things should never change. And one of those things is the constitution.
  14. It's interesting that Jagex goes to great lengths to remove youtube videos when all the top cheating sites remain untouched. I'm not entirely sure that's true. Every once in a while I see rant threads on the RSOF complaining about how Jagex is removing simple PK videos. Really stupid place to talk about it though.
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