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  1. Also just a couple of my own suggestions since people have talked about reddit and rswiki being not able to compete, ect. You may not be able to compete directly with them as what they do, they do best at.. however you have to simply find a niche that works as a resource that people want to use. Most people come here for guides from my understanding, and updating a old database, probably would be just a waste of time. You have to adapt with the times. One thing that personally came to mind was people who stream Runescape be on the main page of the site with tip-it being the sponsor. This would attract twitchers particularly to the site. I'm not saying it HAS to be this, but just a example. You have to have something that brings people here, as obviously a old outdated database and a forum is not a business model that people adhere to anymore. At least not with Runescape. I would honestly say you would have to do a complete website over-haul to give the site a "new" feeling, as if its up-to-date, slick and ready to give you catered services for all your runescape needs, but as the place is now.. you have this "dead" feeling, which will only continue to get worse over time. If people are really seriously about spicing this place back up again, you have to rethink and redo this site from the ground up.
  2. I found myself bored today and I quit Runescape about 2 years ago after 10 years. I started when I was 16, now I am just over 31 years old. To be honest, I miss my childhood and the old-school days. I still remember being in 12th grade, logging into the computer in the library, and thought it was so cool back in 2004 when Runescape 2 came out, and how I could shoot 3d arrows across a pond at some ducks. I remember my last day on Runescape classic, fishing in Karamaja lobster pier.. telling everyone around me RS2 just came out! And they told me I was a liar because if it was true, I'd be logged out and playing that instead. Looking back now after finally quitting, I am glad I quit, I feel like i've finally moved on with my life. However at the same time, its also quite sad sight to see, a game I once loved, coming to a end. Its like your childhood house that you grew up in all your life, your parents died and your left with the deed, but since you already have another house, you just leave your parents house alone.. occasionally you visit it.. now, run down with more cracks and no repair.. the memories of a house once filled with bad, good, and loving memories, now nothing but a ghost and shell of its former self. I feel the same with this forum and other RS forums. It was once a place of livelyhood, but now.. not so much. Although I don't pin the blame on Reddit or RS wiki. The truth is.. the problem is Runescape itself. Jagex has pretty much destroyed its player-base with horrible updates, particularly EOC. That was the 1 update for me and many others to finally throw in the towel. I remember that day vividly too. Just before "that" update, I remember having finally hit 99 magic and going to the barrow brothers. I was absolutely destroying them with my magic abilities and hitting 30+ damage easily. After EOC.. my character was a freaking joke. I remember how mad I was because it felt like all that work put into it and achieving it, suddenly got nerfed out of thin air. But anyways.. the truth is, for many years, people have yelled, kicked, screamed... Runescape is dieing! And we pretty much all just looked past such nonsense. Runescape is not dead but when I see that 55% of the player base is playing the oldschool version and 45% is playing RS3.. well.. the truth is.. its not this community, its the game, and its the poor choices that Jagex has made, that made players like myself and others quit, that made this community empty.
  3. Actually those who believe homosexuality is right are the narrow minded people. They have to push out everything that makes it wrong out of the way to say "its right". Do you know by history, a society was not at its lowest level intill homosexuality was accepted by the people? After that, it collasped onto itself. Hmm, nothing wrong with a dude kissing another dude? Right.. what school did you guys go too to get filled with that junk? And people being born gay eliminates freewill. I have the choice right now to be straight or be gay. There is even those who claim to be Bi. Saying your born without choice and you must choose the same sex as your own gender is a blind excuse to accept homosexuality.
  4. If your child does something stupid and the police get involved, they do not go to the kid, they go to the parent, the one under his/her care. It is not her choice, her parents have to know because they are her guardians. You act like she's completely indepedent and non-reliable on her parents and be leaving the nest soon. Only a foolish girl would not say anything.
  5. "Homosexuality is not wrong. I do not care what excuses or backwards logic you attempt to use as an excuse to call it wrong. Just for the fact that you have to use backward logic shows its wrong in itself. I do not need to explain myself why I know its wrong, only because it would be pointless to tell people who fool themselves into think it's right." You see, this is why saying, "I'm credible with this. Case closed," is not a good answer. I can easily say it too. Actually, you just made yourself look like a ignorant fool by copying me. You can believe its not wrong, but it is wrong reguardless. Some things people ask for proof, but if you need "proof" to show its wrong, then you've already lost all hope to be helped.
  6. Her freedom of choice is what got her into that mess in the first place.....
  7. Homosexuality is wrong. I do not care what excuses or backward logic you attempt to use as a excuse to do it. Just for the fact that you have to use backward logic shows its wrong in itself. Just like the politians bend the words of the constitution to bring out the opposite, so you guys are also bending logic itself to make it seem right. I do not need to explain myself why I know its wrong, only because it would be pointless to tell people who fool themselfs into thinking its right.
  8. This is a terrible accident. Amazing how people are laughing that someone has died because all they see is his lack of intelligence. Don't worry, someone, somewere, will be laughing on a internet gaming forum at you when you die from your stupidity.
  9. No I do not think a child should be exposed to violence or sex education so early. For one, puberty doesn't start till around 13, so it would be pointless to teach him or her beforehand. Also, this thread has a huge flaw in. It makes the mistake that Knowledge grants a child maturity and the ability to handle such responsibility. The opposite is quite true, people learn from doing stupid stuff and screwing up and then say "dam, i'm not doing that again!". I would find it hard to believe that once you started school, you got filled with so much knowledge that your behavior changed and you never did anything stupid? I bet you can teach that same child about guns, but then would you hand them a loaded gun? So why do you expect to teach them all about sex, but then hand them a condom? Besides, its best to wait for marriage anyway. However everyone thinks its okay to sleep around with multiply partners. If I met a girl who says she loves me, but has had multiple partners, I would give it considerate thought. All those other guys she had been with was probably told that she loves them too. You can't act on your feelings because feelings change.
  10. Duo E6400 (2.13ghz) and I can overclock to 2.8ghz if I want to. 3GB of ram, DDR2 800mhz 7900GT Nvidia Graphics Card I can run Crysis on High Details, so I think my specs will eat Runescape graphics for lunch. I already only use 10% of my CPU power to play on high detail, 60 fps. 8-)
  11. Well take Karils Coil. Why ever use that when you can replace it with something much cheaper like a saradom coil? Seems kinda stupid to pay around 30-50k repairing something that I can buy for alot less cheaper and have close stats to it. Ahrims isn't completely worth it either inless your pvp'ing. Most mages tend to "safe spot", so what would be the point of melee defense if 99% of the time you won't even be getting hit? Same goes with Karils range armor as well. If your using them for offensive capabilites, thats different, but for defense, it does seem kinda dumb.
  12. Jagex has stated that F2P will recieve this graphical update. The only concern is will they recieve full screen or not? I"m sure they will get 95% fullscreen while the last 5% is for the ad which isn't bad at all compared to the fact that the game window itself was at like 40-45% filled up on the screen. And my computer can run Crysis on High Detail, so there is no worry or sweat from me if my computer can run it. It will do circles around it and then some. I'm not doing any quests yet, I want to do them ALL on this high detail setting since quests are 1 time special events.
  13. Agreed about the strength bonus, but I guess I'd better clarify about what I was discussing. I'm saying that barrows should be a very, very rare status symbol for only the wealthiest. Barrows, even when it came out was not that hard; now it is downright simplistic. No. I think Jagex wanted most of the RS population to use barrows for the sole purpose that they degrade. Whats the point of having the wealthiest people who can gain millions in sometimes a few minutes only being charged 300k per hour to use barrows? But, what if most of the RS Population uses them? Then most of the money from Alchers goes away while people wear the superior armor. Its naturally for people to wear the "best" armor, even if the intial cost is cheap. Plus, your forgetting that the Grand Exchange was not out. So Players set the prices for those items. 3rd age is 200 times more because players saw it fit to be that way. I don't see Barrows as a status symbol to only the wealthiest because for 1, their drop rate would be alot higher than they are now and they would also update the mini-game if players evolved to comfortable with it making it easier. I think Barrows was a fun mini-game to provide most players with good, but costly armor to act as a primary money sink. Your also missing the point that not every noob can just go out and get barrows either. I have played for 6 years and never owned a 8 million Guthan Set intill I went GWD with my clan and got CoinShare with Shards. Thats how I got rich, but if I never done that, I would never have seen a Guthan set without hundreds of hours poured into the mini-game itself. Which DOES cost alot through prayer potions. I think they still hold their status symbol, just quite a few players finally got to the point of owning one and its been out so long that you think "omg everyone has one, its not rare anymore". But truth is, ask them to buy a 2nd pair and they would probably freak out. I'm lucky to be able to buy all 6 sets, of course I don't for obvious reasons. Not all the barrows equipment is worth it.
  14. The unfortunate thing is, do the people actually need to be held up for seven hours? The first author says it takes only 10 minutes to check each ID. The second points out that they are dealing with innocent peoples' lives, and are taking extreme caution. Who to believe? I bet you 1 million dollars that if a terrorist got through and just happened to bomb your family because they got a convient/quick checkpoint crossing, you would support the 7 hour long wait. America is too dam stupid. We want things quick and fast and at a convience. Yet when lives are at stake, there is no such thing as quick and easy. I can't see why a few people here thinks this is like a traffic jam in America. Over there, someones going to die if its not done right, over here, you just get yelled at by your boss. Some people on here talk as if you could negotiate with a terrorist. I'm suprised that most people don't see the fact that all Hamas and all the other Arabs want to do is blow up Isreal, which they have claimed many times. The claim for land is a offensive measure, not for peace, they literally have no intention for it. If Hamas can't control Gaza, what makes Isreal or anyone who has intelligence think that he could control a great larger portion of owned Isreal Land, which will result in more terrorist attacks and staging points from those areas, causing more casualties on both sides, because Isreal would obviously go on a all out offensive. I could care less if you want to be "considered right" in your own mind that Isreal is wrong and Palistines are completely 100% right when it comes to negoiate for peace. You don't negotiate with those who vow to kill you and every last one of your family members intill your oblierated off the map. The core issue is the fact that its not about hating the jews for land, its just simpley hating the jews for being jews. And that, you cannot give any amount of land for peace.
  15. Such justification is pure idealistic nonsense. Numbers do not matter. What matters is that the rockets are being fired. If we make a numbers game it is easy to take sides. The fact is that we do not live in the world of Israel or Palestine and it is easy to judge living in our relative glass palaces. What am I justifying? I certainly am not justifying attacks from extremist Palestinians. I certainly am not justifying Israel cutting off the petrol, cutting off the water, cutting off the electricity and starving the hospitals of supplies while responding with force ten time the force that is delivered to them. Sometimes not even a direct response to an attack but an alleged preemptive one. I find not looking at the statistics idealistic nonsense. Oh I get it. So its okay for Palistines to go with electricity, get supplies for rockets, lots of food and education for more terrorist training, that way Isreal can still experience more life lost. How about we not send in the Military? Just let them keep attacking innocent civi's? Let Terrorists have their way? Once again your playing the number game and only value life on ONE side. While I understand what your saying, Isreal is NOT doing this because they WANT to starve the people, they are doing it because its neccessary for their own national defense. You got to be stupid to sit and do nothing and let your own people die so some guy on a forum can have a ego boost by saying Isreal is evil for trying to stop more of its own population get bombarded by rockets. Look at it this way, the Gazastrip WAS owned by Isreal. Isreal decided to give up that land for peace for the PALISTINE PEOPLE. Does that sound like a evil and brutish nation? Guess what happened, the Palistine people decided to ATTACK Isreal. It really sucks that their is innocent civi's getting mistreated in Palistine, but if you want to judge by numbers, then you go out of this thread and hop into a Dafar one because THATS where the biggest number if innocents is being killed. Quit judging by numbers.
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