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  1. A lot of you are introverted. Forever alone kind of comes to mind... Anyways, I'm ESTJ
  2. Heh, I didn't know Christopher Mintz-Plasse browsed tip.it Nice pic.
  3. I like your new style. So much better, and hotter.
  4. From my experience she's probably more worried than you are. Like others said all you need is practice. Keep on "pecking" each other and it will transform by itself. Don't sweat over it though. Keep it simple, beforehand look for the signs that she likes you. Try holding hands while walking, if she likes it then you're all set. Go to a park or for a walk somewhere, get somewhat on topic and ask her "do you want to be girlfriend/boyfriend?" I know it sounds extremely lame and dull, but it worked for me like a charm.
  5. Interesting eyes. How tall are you? 6'2
  6. Lol thanks everyone, I didn't expect any replies to be honest, since usually people only reply to girls. And about Mick Jagger thing, I hope my lips don't look THAT big lol :$ Here's one more. Hope it's not too big.
  7. mugshot, lol. please use hide tags for large images, thanks! -littleboy
  8. I bought a Lenovo laptop for 600$ and installed linux on it, couldn't be happier. Can't say anything about running runescape on hd and whatnot, haven't played that game in like 3 years.
  9. Well, technically most people prefer this character trait in everyone, not just the opposite sex. Important nevertheless.
  10. Good personality, psychologically stable, open minded.
  11. They aren't your friends then. On the side note, I hate when people say "oh I have no friends, nobody likes me, etc" but avoid any type of social interaction. There's this dude in one of my classes, and every time I say hi to him, he tries to look as far into the distance as possible, although I KNOW he saw me. He's one of those people who hang out by themselves, and probably writes essays on how he hates life because his 'friends' are douchebags and how nobody wants to talk to him because of x and y.
  12. I guess it's just because people would prefer to see a normal picture of you so they can see what you actually look like. It is what I actually look like... Yeah, okay Posting a fuzzy black and white picture at weird angles isn't showing anyone what you look like. Instead of quoting a ton, why not check her previously posted pictures? Here's the one where you can see her face. http://i771.photobucket.com/albums/xx357/RomysRomeo/035.jpg
  13. Picture taken in an elevator after a long day. Hair looks kinda strange and really messy but I don't care.
  14. Battery will last a lot longer on the second one, and that is the one I suggest as a university student. Also, get a tablet if it's possible. I suggest cashing out for IBM x200 series tablet. Having a tablet is a lot better since you can take ALL notes on the computer, as opposed to writing on a piece of paper. It will help a lot in the long run.
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