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  1. i would like to come to the combat ring RSN: Zelgadas3 Combat 100
  2. I hope i can come my rs name is Zelgadas3 and combat 100 :D
  3. Umm 1 year and 10 months though i found out about this site and created my first arenascape character a while before that.
  4. Great idea! i've had 60 quest points for a year and i always wanted to do some quests with friends Some suggestions are Death Plateau no prerequisites Priest in Peril no prerequisites Dwarf Cannon no prerequisites Nature Spirit prereq=Priest in Peril Plague city no prerequisites
  5. I would like to be there please. i can bring a few random rune things.
  6. I can manage 200k an hour at green drags in wild when its really crowded but when im alone i can get up to 350k an hour.
  7. I will try to be there, i hope i will be able to stop playing sooner or later hope you have fun IRL.
  8. i joined in august a few years ago.
  9. I know i'm not a mod but it worked for me and it is a nice vid.
  10. Kill Green Dragons in lvl 13 wild north of chaos altar. Pick up bones and hides and sell them.
  11. If it wasnt right why would it be implemented into the game.
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