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  1. No. Tip.it died because of the moderators back in 2005 that dealt with the clan section. It was nazi central that resulted in DI boycotting the forums and at the time they were the trendsetters.
  2. Easily the best overall artist this forum has ever seen over all these years.
  3. I'm sure this will have a great impact on your six members.
  4. Don't you just hate it when idiots think they can sue over anything and everything. TL;DR: JAGEX OWNS EVERYTHING. YOU PAY FOR ACCESS TO THEIR P2P FEATURES. YOU HAVE NO RIGHTS.
  5. :P

    I remember you ages back from before you joined EoS. I was ranked under Dbzruler72. Weren't you TDM or something?

  6. these forums suck.

  7. I heard RuneScape is a good game, you should try it.

  8. Everyone running 2.X.X did this back when it was relevant. :$
  9. SAGE


  10. SAGE

    oh em gee K!

  11. Kaur

    Hi Sage FFS!

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