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  1. That's a shame. That was one of my favorite parts about Runescape. Why on earth would people quit warring and pking?
  2. That is what I figured, but I don't check many other places but here.
  3. I think the fact that only one person responded to this topic is a testament to where the Tip.it clan community is....somewhere else but here.
  4. I have not been on Tif nor Runescape consistently for for longer than a couple of minutes for the past year or two (maybe longer). I certainly only remember a time when major efforts were under way to develop Tip.it's clan community into a stronger, more active one that could compete with Zybez and RuneHQ. Now it appears as if those efforts were not long-term and all clan community on Tip.it is completely and utterly dead or has just moved elsewhere. Someone with some knowledge explain to me what is going on in the clan world in general? It appears like Jagex has embraced clanning more fully and is essentially trying to take over the reigns of what started out as a player-directed concept.
  5. Transparency: None Transparency Orientation: None Text: Figment Post BackgroundColors: Brown, grey, black Abstract Y or N: N Other Can you please make it somewhat larger than the regular sig size and no images, just bold, solid text right in the middle. Thanks!!
  6. I'm betting they'll go back up to the 200-250 range at least, but I definitely would like to know what everyone else thinks (since I haven't really played in years and I'm way behind the times)
  7. So, I noticed in my notes that back in October I bought a couple thousand raw lobster for 392gp each. Now I see Lobster going for less than coal at like 130-140gp each. Is it just crashing? Will it stay this low? I just came back to actively playing RS and thought about buying some lobsters and was amazed at the low prices. Will they stay this way or shoot back up after free-trade mania slows down into its normal groove?
  8. Really??? I thought for sure NOBODY would remember me. Glad to see somebody goes. :P
  9. HOLY MOTHER OF PEARL!!!!! I used to be addicted to RuneScape, I'd play for hours everyday for years....then Free Trade and Wildy was taken and I struggled to continue for a year or so then finally quit. I thought that for me at least, Runescape was ruined forever. I haven't actively played Runescape since about 2008, and for some strange reason I thought I'd just look at the website for a second.....and I saw..... IT'S COMING BACK!!!! I would've NEVER dreamed this day to come. I remember the hundreds and hundreds of times it was begged and pleaded and Jagex always stood firm that NO it would NEVER be returned to normal. Heck, I'm so excited!
  10. Dirt, sticks, leaves, and anything we could find on the ground.
  11. 1. People that do something that is innapropriate and you tell them to stop, and they think it's funny so they do it again and again and again until you ignore them and they get bored or you punch them in the face. 2. Drivers who pass me on my right on the interstate. Whereas (in America) you're always suppose to pass on the left, well some mother effers want to go 25 over the speed limit so they pull around and pass me on the right. That pisses me off right, so I floor it and pass them again, then pull over in front of them and hit the breaks. I've nearly killed people, but they get my point. Sure, this may not be about stupid people but rather more about people that annoy me.
  12. This isn't a special date where things happen every time this date comes along or anything, it's just a weird confusing date. NOVEMBER 14th! I don't understand why, but that date seems incredibly important to me. Like really really important, like something happened, or was planned, or SOMETHING and I've been dying for years trying to figure out why Nov. 14th is a day that sticks out SO much in my mind.
  13. If someone handed me a Xbox 360 with COD4 and a Nintendo 64 with Mario Kart Racing. Guess which one I'd play. That's right, N64 was the best game system ever! Ahh I miss the good old days....
  14. What is the main goal behind the cell phone bans in schools? 1) Reduce/Stop cheating and 2) Help people pay attention and not have distractions. Because of this, many schools don't ban Ipods/MP3 players in the school because they don't help cheating and don't distract anybody (yes, they make you put them up once you get to class. But in the hallways and lunchroom, ect you can use them). At my old highschool, the administration was quite sensible in their rules. They didn't ban music players, laptops, video games, ect except in classes and cell phones were allowed at school, just they had to be in your locker. All this makes perfect sense. See, schools need to realize that we are an advancing society that depends on technology and to many schools now a days look at technology and punish you for having it. This is ridiculous. Times are changing and one day paper and pencil will be in the museums and our kids/grandkids won't be able to image not being able to type up notes on a laptop or record a lecture on their music player. Fortunately, I was lucky to go to a school that allows any student to bring in a laptop of their own and type up notes on it during class and watch a music video during lunch. Of course, they wouldn't allow the music video during class, but this is all common sense. See, my school was able to adjust properly to the popularity of technology and yet still enforce strict rules to reduce cheating and distractions.
  15. Even with such ridiculously high temperatures, the energy involved in the collision is relatively low. In one of their videos they said such a collision had an energy of about 6 ┬ÁJ (around the same as 5 collisions between flying mosquitoes). Heat is energy so my little knowledge base of science seems to tell me that the more heat the more energy so with high heat you get loads of energy. But again, I've always been terrible at science.
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