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  1. Checking in on a whim, I remember when the shitstorm about "efficiencyscape" happened. Man those were fun times on here. |^_^|
  2. Age of Empires is a great game. Do you know of anything similar? I remember playing those, except my computer was crap way back when... Ive always wanted to play it without lag. :) I got it on sale for 5 dollars, so go keep an eye on it on steam. Similar games would probably be others in the series, like Age of Mythology but I haven't tried those. I'm loving this game though.
  3. Been playing some AoE:HD lately, but i'm such a noob at it :(
  4. From a fellow Tip.It'er, HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! If you would like some extra fun, don't forget to drop in on the Forum Games! ^_^

  5. Thank you both! Man it is tough to figure out all the tiny kinks of the new interface. I remember it used to automatically turn on your friends chat if you sent a pm, so it seemed weird that I could never see my outgoing messages. Everything works fine now :)
  6. I tried pm'ing my friend, but everytime I typed in a message and pressed enter, I never see the message in my chatbox or my split private chat. This leaves me wondering if my message is actually sent and if they could receive it. I never got a reply so I assumed the message didn't go through. I'm a returning player so I've mostly focused on trying to learn the new content in the game, yet the interface is still pretty mysterious to me. I am playing on EoC, does anyone know about this problem?
  7. Ahh I had no idea the mace had such a high prayer bonus. I have definitely noticed people using MH mace and now I know why. I think I might switch to rapiers since I really like their look, but chenw what do you mean by the longsword having more override options?
  8. Just for average everyday scaping, not looking to camp anything specifically. I currently have longswords, but I dunno if maces/rapiers are better.
  9. Oh thank god I just found my binds! Haha Is there an fc where I can ask for help to make bows and arrows to bind?
  10. I've been away from rs3 for couple years, i've mainly been playing osrs on and off, but I learned about legacy mode recently and decided to try it again for the rest of the summer. My stats My bank is a mess, I sold almost everything to buy bonds for osrs. Right now I have leftover are a bunch of chaotics, full bandos, barrows equipment, etc. Nothing high tier and almost no cash. What can I do? Can I still solo Bandos with cls/cks? Is that even good for money anymore? What should I aim for if I want to just do some solo pvm stuff (equipment wise)? And one specific question: I went to dungeoneering again, but I realised I lost all my binds, why is this? Is there anyway I can get them back? If not, what are the most optimal binds for dg nowadays? Thanks
  11. KQ sounds a lot tougher than I imagined. Only time I ever solo'd her on the other RS was with overloads so I guess I underestimated her.
  12. IIRC, they don't negate 100% of the damage, rather that it only means the KQ is highly resistant against that type of attack. So I want to solo KQ on a slayer task, is it better to use melee + range on her or just stick with melee the entire time? What's an optimal setup and stats for this? Also it is better than using Veracs? If not, I'll probably not consider it.
  13. Hypercam doesn't. At least I think it doesn't. I'm pretty sure that was just a joke as unregistered hypercam was all we had back in the day. i remember making a pk vid with it back in 07.
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