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  1. Hey guys I'm a returning player... Forgot my high leveled account, so I'm coming back on one of my alts :P Looking for someone to play with, show me the new stuff... Just finished the training academy thing, that was nice haha IGN is Undenyed, hit me up
  2. Thats a poor view of the world crusty. Just because there is conflict and hardship doesn't mean peace isn't achievable. Giving up at the first sign of trouble gets you no where. As for the stem cell research, I'm totally for it, but abortion isn't an option I see as legal, because no matter how you try to rationalize it, it is a human. But there are other ways to acquire stem cells, and I feel like we should pursue them. My grandfather died from alzhiemers, and my mother from cancer, and I wish the pain I saw them endure on no one.
  3. I'm not suggesting a ton, but maybe like 500 instead of 250? I would also love to be on the audio team myself! I actually looked on the Jagex site to see if they had any openings haha
  4. I thought the quest was a lot of fun, good story, reward could have been a bit larger prayer exp. 250 is barely anything. The voice acting was sub par, the recordings had too much noise, if you turn off the music and listen, you'll hear a slight buzz whenever a voice over is activated and that's just a rookie mistake. They should have taken more time in the post production, made sure everything was high quality. I'm not impressed by voice acting, it's been a part of gaming for years now, and if Jagex wants to jump on it, they should at least try to do a quality job. I didn't have too much trouble with the clues but the diary could have been a bit more explanatory, especially for the last bunch, making the dummy. I thought the candelabrum wasn't part of the dummy, so I was running around for like 10 minutes trying to find what else I needed. Again, the prayer exp reward should be larger. I know it's a novice quest and doesn't have any skill requirements but prayer is a really annoying skill to train, and 250 exp doesn't feel like enough to me. They should replace all the audio files with higher quality recordings as well, and it would be a perfect quest :)
  5. maybe its at edgeville because it's so close to the wilderness, a popular place for curse spells maybe? and perhaps its not a glitch, but a teaser for a future quest, about maybe balancing the wilderness? make it less...chaotic? haha who knows :P
  6. I've been with my current girlfriend for a little over a year and a half now. And I'm planning on proposing soon, we've both decided that's where we wanna go in our relationship. Last night, I asked her if she would stay with me if I joined a branch of the military. She said no, that she couldn't handle it. The only reason I want to go is to get a head start on some money, and get my education payed for, because I have no career options or anyway to get scholarships. I want to be able to support her, provide for her even though she'll be the one making the most money. I plan on helping her out to the fullest of my ability in her career choice, as a veterinarian, I figured I'd get some kind of business education and help her start her own office... I'm completely dedicated to her, but I need to get ahead in life before I can feel...worthy? enough to wed her. What do you guys think?
  7. yeah it was the online, thanks for the help worked like a charm :)
  8. Regret.... I regret not telling my mom I loved her more. She died from cancer a few months ago. She was the strongest person I know...She had a rare type that no one has survived for more than 5 years, and only one in 3 million survived for more than 1. She dealt with it for 4. I thought with all my heart she'd be the first to outlive, I swore she couldn't be beat. I wish I had told her how much I respected her as a person. She made a lot of mistakes in life, but with a husband with no diploma and three children...she still persevered. I can never remember a moment I was hungry or felt unloved or abused by her. Never in my life did I feel like maybe I'd be better on my own. I was never there for her, to take care of her. I was too busy being selfish...usually playing runescape or something else online. I was a [puncture] to my own mother, dying of cancer, but never did she complain. She only ever provided. Confession? I have met my future wife. Her strength of will astounds me. She has such a caring heart for everyone she knows, and for some reason she loves me, the guy with too many walls. I hope she can prove to me that my mother isn't one of a kind.
  9. Hey guys, I've been trying to get this new plug in to install on my laptop. I've cleared all my old versions of java, and restarted my computer, and no luck. I keep getting this error message Uploaded with ImageShack.us Any help would be greatly appreciated. I'm running a Vista operating system on an hp laptop.... I got the thing for free okay? lol
  10. I just realized that when i itch anywhere on my body, if theres any music playing, it's in time with the music, and when there isn't, it's in time with the song that happens to be stuck in my head. I've been doing this my entire life O.O Talk about natural rhythm hahaha I also have a bad habit of laughing at nothing. Like not hysterically laughing when nothings going on, but like in the middle of a conversation just chuckling a little at something not even funny.
  11. Uploaded with ImageShack.us Me and my new kitten, waffles!!!! haha yeah it's the greatest kitty you've ever seen :D and dude I love longboarding, I live in a mountain area but the roads are all torn up so it's impossible to ride haha
  12. what really grinds my gears? people who insist myspace is better than facebook. Thats just silly. Farmville is pretty bad, but it can never compare to myspace. musicals. The music is horrible and everything is so cheesy... people who try to sympathize with me about my mom(she has cancer). I don't care what you think you know about how I feel, GTFO! Those status updates people post "Today is national think about a (insert minority here) day, post this as your status". What does that do for anything? People who jerk the wheel while they drive. And when you tell "hey dude stop jerking the car it's annoying" they go on and on about how they're a better driver than you. thats all I got so far haha
  13. This one I took a couple weeks ago, I really like it even though I look emo :P Emo Pikcha!! this is a band picture we took haha it's my favorite :D Picture here
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