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  1. Hey dudes, Thought I'd pop in for a bit, see how things are going here. Was wondering, who's still around from back in the day? Gallery looks pretty dead, but that's nothing new, haha. In order to keep this relevant, here's some of my art which you guys probably haven't seen yet:
  2. Hey guys, long time no see! I wanted to let you know I've started a side-project, just for fun :) Titled 10.000 Robots. The big idea: Collect 10.000 Robots. From everyone and everywhere. And I want you to join, in any way you can! Want to 3d-model one? Sure thing! Want to pixel one? Awesome, go for it! (actually, I'm gonna go do that right now!) Want to digipaint it? Great! Anything is welcome, and really, you don't need to be an amazing artist to join, just put some effort into it :) Really no guidelines, make whatever crazy silly [developmentally delayed]ed amazing robot you want! The robots are collected in a Flickr group: http://www.flickr.com/groups/10000robots/ You can join the group and upload your picture there, or if you don't have or want a Flickr account, just send it to me! Whichever way you want! I'll make sure it gets added to the collection :) This is the robot I made to start it off: To add some awesomesauce to this, I'll reward the really awesome entries with a free shirt from my small line Here Be Robots. To keep this interesting :) There will also be an end-reward of sorts, when we reach the end. Either a big poster with great robots from the collection on it, or perhaps a book with the full collection. So, if you have a couple minutes of spare time, make a robot! Make it awesome :D
  3. It's easier to start with small sizes, that's where pixel-art really shines. No need to go as huge as you've done right now. Take something like 32x32 or 64x32 for example, where the pixels are much more effective, which makes you understand and learn the basics of pixel-art a lot easier.
  4. Pixel art sure made good money back in the days. I guess I just lost interest in it when I lost interest in RuneScape. I've quit playing years ago, and I have no plans on returning. Pixel art is still fun though. It's been a while since I've done that, perhaps I should give it another shot, just for fun.
  5. Pretty much! Good guess :) There's also a few bits in Lucy in the sky with diamonds (except for the diamonds in the title), "Picture yourself in a boat on a river, with tangerine trees" and "Cellophane flowers of yellow and green, towering over your head" And While My Guitar Gently Weeps for the crying guitar. For the rest, you pretty much got it!
  6. Something recent I did. Mash-up of lots of songs and lyrics from The Beatles. Buncha trippy colors to suit the content. Up for voting at Threadless, I'd love you comment and vote! http://www.threadless.com/submission/311192/I_am_Sgt_Pepper_s_walrus_this_is_my_gently_weeping_guitar Oh and I'll post something about a load of new shirts soon, 4-5/6 shirts printed soon. Whatya think? Can you find all the lyrics and songtitles hidden in there? ------ Thanks for voting everyone! It got printed! Ofcourse I already knew for a while, but wasn't allowed to say anything :P Next weeks shirts are always leaked on friday. Colors look a slight bit differen, but [bleep] yeah, Threadless print!
  7. Alright, I'll see if I can find some easy way to record what I do. Anyone got any good software tips for that?
  8. Cheers :) If Threadless doesn't print it, I'll be sure to look for another place to sub it. It doesn't really fit my line, but I don't want to get this design to go to waste. I'm sure I can find a home for it. Shiny, just keep drawing ;) I suppose I could do a progress-video or a step-by-step picture thing when I work. I don't think I really have any big lessons to teach, I just kinda sketch and draw and just do what feels right.
  9. Thanks so much dudes! Cheers for the votes too :) Posted something I made today. Check it out, what ya think?
  10. Thanks dudes! More stuff: New designs up for voting at Threadless! http://www.threadless.com/submission/296734/The_fall_of_Rome http://www.threadless.com/submission/296437/Dreamcatcher Please have a look over at Threadless and vote/comment if you like!
  11. More new stuff: Should be up for voting soon: http://www.threadless.com/submission/297305/Feathers_of_the_arcane ---------------- Update: New designs up for voting at Threadless! http://www.threadless.com/submission/296734/The_fall_of_Rome http://www.threadless.com/submission/296437/Dreamcatcher Please have a look over at Threadless and vote/comment if you like! --------- Hey dudes, whatsup! Figured I'd post something again. Heck, I could post a load of stuff here I've made recently. Maybe I should. Maybe I will, tomorrow. Anyways, this is about a threadless design of mine that's up for voting right now. It's for the Threadless Loves Maxtopia contest, themed: Nature+Technology. My entry is a tree, but it's not really a tree. The idea should be fairly obvious, trees produce oxygen, so I made an oxygen factory in the shape of a tree. Made out of tubes, producing oxygen at the top. And ofcourse, you can vote for it. In fact, I'd really really appreciate it if you could take the time to comment and vote on this, and possibly help me win! http://www.threadless.com/submission/294159/Natures_Oxygen_Factories Thanks! And some more stuff: For a friends band:
  12. You're probably best off letting the tattoo artist who is going to tattoo you design this. After all, he's the guy who has to draw it again, on your skin.
  13. Looks good man. I never really got into Terragen, especially not Terragen 2, got confused big time, so i just gave up xD. About the colors, Selective Color is also very cool to mess around with. Looks a bit too light here on the dark background, but oh well: I find it has a bit more control over the colors than you have with color balance.
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