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  1. Hello! I am looking for a cover photo for an organization on my campus. (We fight the corrupted SG). I want it to use this photo in the dead center: - I would like the rest of the cover to be just an extension of the lines/burst coming from the middle. Feel free to crisp up the next. If you need to change the pattern slightly to make it flow, it's okay. - This logo should be smaller than the image I posted (So it doesn't dominate the whole cover, but mostly is just focused on as the centerpiece). - Lastly, the very bottom right corner should say in very small font (Like barely readable, such as size 8 in M.S. Word) "Reg.Pol.Ad.M.Stein", preferably in white text. Thanks, Zoov
  2. I think even if the time to charge the horn is greater than the time required in equivalent to use up the extra experience, it is efficient. Maybe for agility the horn is not that good, but it saves money for firemaking or saves time running around for mining. I think the horn saves time with agility, though - at least from my observation.
  3. 86 ranged 86 hitpoitpoints 71 prayer (with ancient curses on) 84 defense Helm: Neitiznot Neck: Fury Cape: Accumulator Chest: Black d'hide body or equivalent Legs: Proselyte Gloves: Barrows Boots: Snakeskin Weapon: Rune crossbow with broad-tipped bolts Inventory: 3 Ranged potions 8 Saradomin Brews (although I only used 3 the entire run) 16 Super Restore Potions 1 Enhanced Excalibur <---- This was a huge help. Instead of blowing through potions to heal, I used this for a quick 200 hitpoints and defense boost. Then, I did not need to use potions really until the very end (except a few for prayer) During the Jad fight I used a full brew to heal myself after he hit me (misclick on my prayer switching) and maybe 3-4 super restores. It was pretty easy without the healers.
  4. I just tried again and killed Jad. I did not use ranged once, nor did I ever have to worry about healers. I used completely deflection curses. The healers do not spawn if you do not hit him with an actual attack! Here is a video I used as a guide.
  5. I just did the Caves and died after getting Jad down by about 1/3 of his health. I had plenty of potions left. Things to note: I used Enhanced Excalibur for healing and defense raising; it was very useful for saving brews and not lowering stats. Reason I died: Jad's flinch/getting hit animation looks a lot like his magic attack "rolling" animation. Be careful to not switch to magic protection when he is just flinching. His attack speed was slower than I was ready to guard against - my adrenaline may have been the death of me. Ancient curses work very well for deflecting attacks (and have the same drain rate as normal prayers). I will try again, this time ready for focus.
  6. If I can deflect ranged and magic with ancient curses, would you recommend using the ancient curses spellbook? I think it may be a bad idea for prayer being drained faster (higher level), but I do not know how fast prayer is drained when using ancient curses. Thanks.
  7. Hello. Feel free to message me.

  8. All of them are amazing. Excellent, excellent work
  9. From my experience they do; thank you for the tip, though. I will definitely try these worlds first from now on.
  10. I am an experienced aviansie farmer, but lately my efforts to kill them are crushed regularly. Every single world I hop to is filled with what seems like a minimum of five bots. I stand no chance to effectively kill aviansies. Is there a way to deal with this, or is there something else I can farm for ranged experience and money that is effective as aviansies?
  11. I made no attempt to color it correctly. I will try to learn some shading and eventually repost this - probably a long time. Thanks for the tips.
  12. I wanted to see if I had any artistic ability. I gave myself this image and attempted to copy it in MS paint. I kept color to very basic. I also did not clean the image perfectly. I think I did relatively well, but this I know this is such an easy task for a lot of you. Here is the result: It took about an hour. Thoughts? How can I get better at pixeling? Should I copy existing stuff or just free-form some of my own ideas? Thanks.
  13. Hello, I am a nonmember. I do not play Runescape often except to do holiday events or go on nonmember streaks of play. For a long period of time I was a member, and I still reactivate every once in awhile; however, today I my views changed. Yesterday I logged in to do the easter event, completed the quest, and logged out south of Falador. Today I logged into the home page to vote in the boss poll, but I could not. I tried logging into the game to see if my account worked...It did not. I quickly reset the kit and changed it. Then I logged in. I was in Lumbridge. I still had my clothing on (members stuff), but my inventory was full of pots and buckets and such. I ran to my bank to see if anything was askew. Well, I still have my whip and everything, but every nonmember item was cleaned out. I lost 8 million cash, some sets of rune armor, and all my air runes, water runes, other runes etc. Also lobsters and every other nonmember item. And yes, 8 million cash is a lot to me. A fraction of my wealth, but still hard-earned and a huge amount to me. Total all of the stuff was maybe 10 million, but I am not really sure what I lost exactly. I mean...even my mime boots were taken out of the bank. It might have been a computer program hacking me. I never went on any malicious sites, told anyone anything, or clicked any weird emails. I do not have a bank PIN; I sure do now. I do not play super-often, so it is not detrimental, but it sure stinks. About seven years of playing only to be hacked right now. I am so safe. It just stinks. It really does. I know it happened within 24 hours from before. Can I do anything, or am I hosed? Something needs to be done to protect players from hackers better. I am a very safe player. I have never been banned. I consider myself very moral. I have never even been ****'d out. I started my account seven years ago. You can see by my profile that I have high stats. To get hacked is never something I would imagine. I am not saying Jagex completely at fault as I am extremeley disappointed with myself for letting this happen. Please help! P.S. - I know I may look silly with my Pokemon signature, but please take me seriously. This is extremely scary.
  14. Image: Tried two links; hoping one works One, two Dimention: 420 x 130 please, or similar Text: Zoov Thank you. EDIT: Fixed links. I understand any delay of yours; please relax and feel no pressure to make it.
  15. A full run of the fight caves takes at least an hour. With multiple tries even longer.
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