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  1. I actually don't play anymore. I technically quit a long time ago...I just browse forums now. I play every year for maybe 2-3 months and quit again, it just seems like i've invested so much to the grind that it is hard to quit. I just find it so weird that it was 10 years since I started this game. Most of the people that started playing this game that long ago have familys now.
  2. Thanks, in all honesty though...I had to redo it a few times and I don't even like it lol I don't play RS anymore so I don't come here often at all. So I don't really know if this belongs here or not.
  3. See i'm a poor kid. My school is offering $3500 to go towards tuition if they like an advertisement that I make. It's a bit of a contest, and there a few people joining in as well. I need the help of the community to PLEASE 1. Go to http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XqLFUadbk6s 2. Click 'Like' 3. Send to a friend and tell them to do the same! The last one is optional, but I really would like for you to do this for me. Pun intended. It would mean the world to me. Thanks!
  4. Helloo fellow tip.it-eer's! Recently I got accepted into college, and my college is hosting an advertising contest. I created an ad, but my computer died and it forced me to quickly create another makeshift video in its place. The reward for having the most likes on the video is that you can win upto $3500 off of this years tuition. At the moment I am really strapped for cash because I just bought a vehicle and have to pay for school mostly out of my own pocket. I could've asked my friends in real life, however the internet is much much much vaster and active than all of my friends combined. Just by watching the video, and clicking 'like' on youtube, you could really really help me out! The video will be uploaded Friday morning(this morning) in about 8 hours. The contest ends in about 16 hours. I NEED THIS VOTES! 1 vote = 1 Like. The more views, the merrier! Anyways, I will edit this post with the video in the morning! The prize will be given to the person who can prove to me that they used MOST YouTube accounts to LIKE the video. Screenshots, video, whatever. Prove you Liked the video and you will be entered into the contest. Proof of cash! Thank you!!
  5. Happy birthday :D

  6. Yeah...Honestly. After about 2/3 weeks of FreeTrade..and winning over 2B in stakes, and having everything that I never would of EVER of dreamed of owning prior to having a staker...The game just feels so blah. I lately have been staking people 10-15 levels higher 50M+ just for fun, When beggars come to me I usually give them 10M etc. The value of money just isn't what it used to be and it's so wierd to have that feeling. I'm generally a modest person, but my wealth has made me over-generous and just stupid. The fact that I could lose it all in a matter of minutes has no effect on me, I feel like on top of the RS world. Overall, I'm just ranting about how much the game has..changed? It's like whiplash. I used to have 5M, the cheapest dragon gear you can get, and just be normal and happy. Now I feel like everything is worth nothing, because I have Everything. It feels like I'm Kurt Cobain, on top of the world...but literally 2 seconds from losing it all. Mind games. 8AM all nighter rant...probably dumb but its just on my mind.
  7. I've been playing since pretty much Beta. And I just thought I would give my opinion. I do think that the overall gameplay is better, and much more simple(in a good way). Meaning it isn't necessarily easier it is just much more user friendly. I would never go back to classic without the "Worn invent + inventory" that RS2 has. I also would never be able to go back to cooking each lobster/shark 1 at a time. In a sense I've grown lazier, but it just makes the game WORK. I think Classic pking wise was much more fun, simply because you could focus on the objective on hand and not have to worry about being hit for 40000HP. And other than classic, I also agree that times are agreeably better with free trade. The only reason I came back was for FT and PK/Stake, and I think PKing essentially is ruined just because the original fundamentals of PKing are no longer there. It's infatuated with different hybrid combos, and stuff like that; that the years prior to FT did not have. PKing: 2001-2005>2011>2005-2011 Staking: 2005-2007(?)>2011>2002-2005 Gameplay(Quests, mechanics, graphics, etc.): 2011>every other year, although I have to say that they made the Heroes/Legends quests to be an end-all type quest...but now its just...there. Simplicity: Now>RS2>NonFT>RSC Enjoyment: RSC>RS2>Now>NonFT
  8. your account right now would be pretty good. If you plan on getting something like, 70 99 1...then get prayer if you're still F2P. If you are P2P, you want defense later on, and prayer. You can't really wield anything good without doing atleast lost city except dClaws
  9. Basically, I won 500M in one day of boxing on my new staker. the stats were: 20 attack, 61 defense, 20 strength, 40 combat Maxed out. Then, for the past 1.5 days I got up to 62 attack, 61 defense, 20 strength, bought dclaws, full dragon just for laughs. Then I went staking and I basically got tore up.. I'm just curious to know what EXPERIENCED boxers have to say. I am looking at something along the lines of: 70 attack 70~80 defense 30~40 strength I just don't know for sure. Can I round out my 62A,61D,20S somewhere and manage to do about the same?
  10. I still have 12k. I'm selling for whatever mid GE is.
  11. I got a connection error about 15 minutes ago...and I can't log in ever since. It just says: -Your account has not logged out of its previous session. Try again in a few minutes. :s It's been 5xAfewMinutes.
  12. Selling 12,000 Coal for 175 each. More coming soon. Post and PM me, and I will get back to you ASAP.
  13. Alright, after RS took away wildy I kind of ruined my pure(I think)..So I'm wondering what I can do to make it amazing right now.. 65 att 80 str 65 def 72 HP 40 range 46 prayer 31 mage 87 combat What exactly should I do? + Setup. perhaps I could start staking? In that case what should I do lol
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