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  1. I actually don't play anymore. I technically quit a long time ago...I just browse forums now. I play every year for maybe 2-3 months and quit again, it just seems like i've invested so much to the grind that it is hard to quit. I just find it so weird that it was 10 years since I started this game. Most of the people that started playing this game that long ago have familys now.
  2. Thanks, in all honesty though...I had to redo it a few times and I don't even like it lol I don't play RS anymore so I don't come here often at all. So I don't really know if this belongs here or not.
  3. See i'm a poor kid. My school is offering $3500 to go towards tuition if they like an advertisement that I make. It's a bit of a contest, and there a few people joining in as well. I need the help of the community to PLEASE 1. Go to http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XqLFUadbk6s 2. Click 'Like' 3. Send to a friend and tell them to do the same! The last one is optional, but I really would like for you to do this for me. Pun intended. It would mean the world to me. Thanks!
  4. Helloo fellow tip.it-eer's! Recently I got accepted into college, and my college is hosting an advertising contest. I created an ad, but my computer died and it forced me to quickly create another makeshift video in its place. The reward for having the most likes on the video is that you can win upto $3500 off of this years tuition. At the moment I am really strapped for cash because I just bought a vehicle and have to pay for school mostly out of my own pocket. I could've asked my friends in real life, however the internet is much much much vaster and active than all of my friends combined. Just by watching the video, and clicking 'like' on youtube, you could really really help me out! The video will be uploaded Friday morning(this morning) in about 8 hours. The contest ends in about 16 hours. I NEED THIS VOTES! 1 vote = 1 Like. The more views, the merrier! Anyways, I will edit this post with the video in the morning! The prize will be given to the person who can prove to me that they used MOST YouTube accounts to LIKE the video. Screenshots, video, whatever. Prove you Liked the video and you will be entered into the contest. Proof of cash! Thank you!!
  5. Yeah...Honestly. After about 2/3 weeks of FreeTrade..and winning over 2B in stakes, and having everything that I never would of EVER of dreamed of owning prior to having a staker...The game just feels so blah. I lately have been staking people 10-15 levels higher 50M+ just for fun, When beggars come to me I usually give them 10M etc. The value of money just isn't what it used to be and it's so wierd to have that feeling. I'm generally a modest person, but my wealth has made me over-generous and just stupid. The fact that I could lose it all in a matter of minutes has no effect on me, I feel like on top of the RS world. Overall, I'm just ranting about how much the game has..changed? It's like whiplash. I used to have 5M, the cheapest dragon gear you can get, and just be normal and happy. Now I feel like everything is worth nothing, because I have Everything. It feels like I'm Kurt Cobain, on top of the world...but literally 2 seconds from losing it all. Mind games. 8AM all nighter rant...probably dumb but its just on my mind.
  6. I've been playing since pretty much Beta. And I just thought I would give my opinion. I do think that the overall gameplay is better, and much more simple(in a good way). Meaning it isn't necessarily easier it is just much more user friendly. I would never go back to classic without the "Worn invent + inventory" that RS2 has. I also would never be able to go back to cooking each lobster/shark 1 at a time. In a sense I've grown lazier, but it just makes the game WORK. I think Classic pking wise was much more fun, simply because you could focus on the objective on hand and not have to worry about being hit for 40000HP. And other than classic, I also agree that times are agreeably better with free trade. The only reason I came back was for FT and PK/Stake, and I think PKing essentially is ruined just because the original fundamentals of PKing are no longer there. It's infatuated with different hybrid combos, and stuff like that; that the years prior to FT did not have. PKing: 2001-2005>2011>2005-2011 Staking: 2005-2007(?)>2011>2002-2005 Gameplay(Quests, mechanics, graphics, etc.): 2011>every other year, although I have to say that they made the Heroes/Legends quests to be an end-all type quest...but now its just...there. Simplicity: Now>RS2>NonFT>RSC Enjoyment: RSC>RS2>Now>NonFT
  7. your account right now would be pretty good. If you plan on getting something like, 70 99 1...then get prayer if you're still F2P. If you are P2P, you want defense later on, and prayer. You can't really wield anything good without doing atleast lost city except dClaws
  8. Basically, I won 500M in one day of boxing on my new staker. the stats were: 20 attack, 61 defense, 20 strength, 40 combat Maxed out. Then, for the past 1.5 days I got up to 62 attack, 61 defense, 20 strength, bought dclaws, full dragon just for laughs. Then I went staking and I basically got tore up.. I'm just curious to know what EXPERIENCED boxers have to say. I am looking at something along the lines of: 70 attack 70~80 defense 30~40 strength I just don't know for sure. Can I round out my 62A,61D,20S somewhere and manage to do about the same?
  9. I still have 12k. I'm selling for whatever mid GE is.
  10. I got a connection error about 15 minutes ago...and I can't log in ever since. It just says: -Your account has not logged out of its previous session. Try again in a few minutes. :s It's been 5xAfewMinutes.
  11. Selling 12,000 Coal for 175 each. More coming soon. Post and PM me, and I will get back to you ASAP.
  12. Alright, after RS took away wildy I kind of ruined my pure(I think)..So I'm wondering what I can do to make it amazing right now.. 65 att 80 str 65 def 72 HP 40 range 46 prayer 31 mage 87 combat What exactly should I do? + Setup. perhaps I could start staking? In that case what should I do lol
  13. I'm not trying to provoke you, and I'm sorry if you felt that way. As far as my "flawed" logic goes, I actually think you should reconsider your own logic. You begin with an assumption that I didn't start playing video games young based on nothing at all, then proceed to link that, somehow, to the idea that I haven't experienced as much, and that directly to the fact that I'm incapable of higher thought. Your book may be for a specific audience, but it will be recieved by the public. That includes all the annoying teenagers, the ones you avoided while living under a rock with your computer; all the annoying parents, the ones you apparently have never heard of; and all the critics, newspapers, and TV shows which will rip it apart, misinterpret it, analyze it, extrapolate on it, or ignore it, completely independent of your own intentions. As far as your views on parenting go, if children are constantly regulated by their parents, they will be unable to learn. Childhood is about making mistakes and learning from these mistakes. Also, to encourage parents to enforce stricter controls on video games could easily have the opposite effect to the one you've imagined - I know when my mother took my Game Boy Advance, I just ended up wanting it more. In this day and age, children are becoming more and more controlled as the scare stories get out and the parents get increasingly protective. Your book would be counterproductive. I've actually heard stories of young adults who went away to college, only to return home upon realizing that they didn't know how to cook anything more than spaghetti and had never used a laundry machine. I must interject one last point: Go to a bookstore. Look around. What you will see is only a fraction of a fraction of the books the modern person has access too, and many don't even read books. The idea that you could, overcoming the many obstacles of writing a novel, produce an autobiography as a man in his mid-20s or so, coming from a background of complete obscurity, that would actually be widely recieved and well-known and eventually change anyone's life is preposterous. This book, if actually finished, may help you to find "closure", it may only contribute to your egocentricity, but at least you will finally feel you have done something with your life. I applaud you for attempting such a gargantuan task, if you decide to do so, but don't expect it to make waves - you will end up even more disappointed with yourself. I'm sorry that we both seemed to have gotten off on the wrong foot. I maybe did act irrationally towards your opinion, even while feeling provoked. I appreciate your opinion but I respectfully disagree with your standpoint.
  14. I also understand this and see your point of view. I cannot agree more with bolded statement. I'm a walking talking encyclopedia, I consider the internet a bigger help in: -Education -The understanding of the world -Current Events -Technological, Sociological, and Psychological areas than any School, Teacher, News Agency, or Textbook could EVER of taught me. I really truely do owe my intelligence and my know-how to my online experiences. However, I feel and know that it all is a double sided sword. Although you weren't out doing drugs and getting into trouble, you missed out on those key.life experiences which are the sociological glue and keystone to building a healthy relationship between yourself and the outside world.
  15. Ilya : Are you dense? Re-Read my reasoning and maybe you might get something out of it. I was never forced to spend my time on the internet, but rather grew into liking it. Obsessing over it. And as a kid, it seemed right, but after a while you look back and realize it wasn't as perfect as I had planned. Don't tell me what you believe my problem is when it was you who clearly misinterpreted what I set out to explain. Dupin: Your logic is flawed. I grew up. To a kid as young as I was, the lifestyle that I lived would seem so enticing. Over time is when I began to develop my social awkwardness and neglect for life opportunities. As nothing more than an immature 10 year old kid I began to submerse myself into a subculture which I favoured over that of real world. I would be writing to people just to prove how easily it is to get sucked into things like this as a child. I have a feeling that you've only been exposed to half of the things that I have due to the assumption that you didn't start out as young as I did. With that assumption I can say that your logic is flawed. I do have an amazing personality and initiative to work towards something great. But when you're 12 you don't understand how many different things matter while you're still young. This book is targeted to a specific audience, not for those like I assume that you are. I have a saying, "It's Apparent to be a Parent". Without the proper supervision or the lack thereof, kids are destined to slide off the tracks at some point. I won't say that my parents did a bad job, because I grew up as one of the first real generations to use what we call now "the modern internet". I don't care if you take my advice and tell me to shove it up my behind, but you should at least have to provide truths while trying to provoke someone. Will holmes: I completely agree and appreciate your comments. However, I believe that by writing this now among other reasons which I've already stated; I will bring a perspective to it that I won't necessarily have 20-30 years down the road. ForsakenMage: Agreed. The internet to me, is the ultimate in building social skills but also its the ultimate in tearing those skills back down again. It's like someone building a foundation for a house, they go out they buy the material and spend the next 6 months building this huge beautiful mansion. That same person spends the next 6 years inside their big beautiful mansion because of all of its wonderful accomodations.
  16. Trying to reply to some questions so... I'll give it a shot. a. Yes, where I live Cops are required to have a much more broader understanding of skills used throughout high school. On top of that, my unhealthy addiction to gaming didn't make me fat...but unfit. b. 18 is young. I agree, however throughout my life I have always felt more mature than the average crowd my age. It always seemed that online I was subject to more open conversations and real discussions with people older than myself. Which I link heavily with my demoralization over time, and my overall desensitization. I understand thoroughly that I can still turn my life around, and in a sense this is why I plan to write this book. c. Everything is good in Moderation -- You just need to be able to control it. The fact of the matter is, I couldn't and even more facts illustrate that 80% of kids can't control it either. d. My runescape addiction will only be a small part. I've since quit, and am no longer addicted like I was 4-5 years ago. e. I came to this forum for suggestions because, tip.it and the general RS community was one of the first communities I grew with. Also, it most likely has the bigger audience seeing as people I knew from quite some time ago are still here today.
  17. Lately I have been extremely reminiscent of my past ten and a half years amongst the internet. I understand that this thread might not be for all people, however, I think it could potentially open up some discussion which would ultimately help me out. Now as I turn older everyday I find myself looking back and wondering what exactly I have accomplished throughout my childhood and the opportunities that I have missed. While I am in thought, I have always come back to the same recurring thought about writing a book about my life. Although I am only 18, I feel as though I was robbed of some of the greatest moments in my life by the introduction of the internet. My whole plan of this book is to tell and explain my life since the first time I started playing games online, and the interactions with communities I have met throughout my time online. It sound's boring, but I plan to do this to bring awareness to hopefully kids in communities just like this about what I have missed in life due to my interactions online. I just really feel that in order to rid myself of the addictiveness and lingering thoughts in my head this needs to be done. For example, I am extremely socially awkward in some situations that occur in real life. I know that being addicted to online games and community while I was young, I completely missed out on important social activities. I am ashamed of myself about it, but I am completely capable and 100x better in social encounters online and engineering people socially that it frightens me. Over time consuming my life into various topics online, I feel as though I have been desensitized and demoralized in real life by some of the things people are openly exposed to on a regular basis. No, I don't expect children to read this as some of what I write will be explicit. But I really wish that somehow my story will be read by a million of parents who see their children falling into the same hole of unhealthy consumption of online material as I have. I also want to target my book towards young adults like myself who are maybe feeling the same type of strain and stress as myself. I think many people will relate to my stories and I just hope that I can lead people in the same position as I am out of it and onto the right track. I've been looking at getting into colleges a little bit lately, and one thing hit me really hard. The ONE thing I've wanted to be my entire life -- My dream of being a cop will never come true. I put more effort into being apart of something online than I did into school. I didn't have the grades, I am a failure. I am not a religious man by any means, but I feel inside that I have done many people wrong over the course of 10.5 years. And this will be the only way for me to move on. A final confession of sorts. Thoughts -- Opinions -- Would you support me? -- Would you read it? Evan
  18. This is not my First internet, you're going to have to troll harder. you sooo dont need to lose weight that bad... 180 lbs... pfft try 21 6'0" 250 lbs... I need to lose weight.... your BMI (body mass index) is only 23.7 which is in the normal range for your size BMI Categories: * Underweight = <18.5 * Normal weight = 18.524.9 * Overweight = 2529.9 * Obesity = BMI of 30 or greater http://www.nhlbisupport.com/bmi/ if you still wanna lose weight though i have a guide that was written by a veteran admin of my clan (most awesome guy you ever would meet) but until i see an answer you can start by losing that late night snack... penut butter... high in fat and calories... the bread in that thing-a-ma-jig (you'll excuse me im american so i have no idea what it is). also drink lots of water... if you want me to get you that guide i can post it here, mind you it is a bit long winded but it helps for those who need it... it's not going to tell you oh hey count your calories and eat diet food that taste like poo... possibly worse... there are simple things to cut calories such as lean hamburger instead of the not so lean... easily go from 1k calories for 1 burger to less than 500... lean hot dogs... cut in half again... and all this stuff taste the same just about 50 cents more than the other stuff cause it has more of the meat and less fat. if i really put my mind to it i could lose this weight real quick... currently i manage between 150-260... never higher never lower, my body seems to go on it's own diet and i just dont get hungry when my weight gets up there... i eat like once a day on those times... when it goes back down im back to eating 2-3 times a day. i know how you feel about the sleep issue... i tend to not fall asleep till 2-3 am and i wake up no later than 9... problem is i tend to take a nap during the day, which makes it hard to fall asleep at night Yeah. Send it on overrr. I should probably start drinking more water...I hate Tap water though its so disgusting.
  19. Agreed. I've been trying really hard to rearrange my sleep schedule but it almost seems like its just natural for me to live on 5hours of sleep or so. Running I can start to do, but winter will be here within the next 1.5 months.. Scandinavian winters FTW
  20. Ok, so since I quit hockey and basketball about 5-6 years ago I've managed to gain back unnecessary weight. I used to have a really defined body, but after I gave up on sports and got more of an IT based job I haven't been able to keep the pounds off. Heres where I stand: 19 years old 6'1'' 180 lbs Medium Build 34x32 pant size Most of my "fat" is in my: upper legs + stomach ^^^ This is where im looking to lose the weight. My Daily Diet/Routine is as follows: 7:30am Wake Up/Shower/Glass of Orange Juice 8:15am Walk to work(15 minutes I walk fast) 9:35am Walk 15 minutes to do a coffee run/Coffee+ham and cheese bun for my lunch 10:00am to 5:00pm Work + Walk home(15 minutes) 5:30pm Make dinner which usually is Beef+Potatoes+Corn ... On occasion a microwaveable dinner 7:00pm to 1:30am Relax, watch my shows, have a bowl of cereal or drink a soda 2:00am Prepare a Crumpet+Peanut Butter+Orange Juice before bed. That is it +/- a yogurt parfait depending on what I work. I'm currently working on changing my sleep habits so I can get up and have a breakfast in the morning. But at 7:30am it doesn't seem appetizing. I don't have access to a Gym due to distance and since it is the only gym in the area it is extremely busy and expensive for a student.
  21. This guy has a big...erm....you know what Muscle. ANYWAYS...Eating before bed..YAY OR NAY! I always have some orange juice + Peanut butter on a crumpet before bed!
  22. Look what we got here, a cliché! So you're not as smart as you say then. If you were really smart, you would of taken the oppotunity of easy HS courses and got the best grades ever for the best scholarships/colleges ever. But no, you were too elitist for that. Another cliché amoung the self-proclaimed Einstiens. For someone attempting to flame, you should atleast know it's "Einstein". To add to your comment...Going through post secondary education has become as much of a social norm as NOT fornicating with every female/male we see coming down the street. You are equally as much a cliché as anybody else in this world. Acting as though high GPAs and PhD's will essentially get you farhter in life than the average joe. Statistics show that majority of people who earn their bachelors/phd end up jobless due to the poor economy. Who makes the economy?? The working class people, thats who. The social norm is to excel when in actuality this is the last thing that everybody needs to achieve. It disturbs the equilibrium and can corrupt the capitalist mindset that everybody has grown up on. Get real.
  23. Have fun with not understanding math when you get into practically any technically related (IE valuable) field. Understanding math is critical to understanding the systems that underlay everything from the stock market to the computer you used to type that post; math, together with language, are the most basic subjects from which all others are derived. See this is where things get a bit fuzzy. How can you possibly think that learning complex algorithms and equations will essentially tell you which stock to buy. Everything you learn in math up until the 9th or 10th grade is derivative of what you will need on a daily basis regardless of the type of job you have. I exclude jobs that require amazing math skills for obvious reasons; and not to deter my argument. The complexity of everyday life is played out by universitys and schools to make you feel as though you should invest more into your education, however, after living in the real world; in which I am extremely well off and have a good paying job...I beg to differ. It doesn't take a rocket scientist to know how to understand income reports and stock portfolios. I understand the fundamentals and took all my required math courses during high school, it is just too played out now. The only thing that seperates our teachers from us is the fact that they took 2 years of teachers college. Think about that.
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