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  1. From a fellow Tip.It'er, HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! If you would like some extra fun, don't forget to drop in on the Forum Games! ^_^

  2. Seriously guys, please go back on topic, you've already been asked once just now. I know it's a bit of fun, but there's no need to drag the joke out past its sell by date. The last thing I want to do right now is take action against anyone here, but I will do it if necessary. - Will H
  3. [hide] [/hide] Demon rampage at the Digsite Divination spot. Even better, the guy heals really fast if anybody prays. It was beautiful carnage.
  4. The town and castle doesn't need magical protection, it's already armed to the teeth with the fully trained and equipped Lumbridge Guards complete with a small battalion of white knights. The whole defence thing is sorted, the focus needs to be on aiding the residents if they need it. If we get the ZMI involved, they will pick a fight the white knights, and the battle will effectively be brought into what remains of Lumbridge. Papa Mambo is crazy and I can't see him helping. The druids are pacifists and will likely refuse to have anything to do with the conflict, and we're low on funds already. I vote for "don't get anyone involved".
  5. [hide]This may be, and it is exactly why I don't think Saradomin deserves to be a God either... He himself admitted that you, the adventurer, are more virtuous than he is... I haven't been persuaded from my position that I'll support him for now, as he can help me kill the other Gods, like Zamorak and Bandos... But in the end, I'm goign to want to be the one ending up with that crown of his...[/hide] Good quest though... And still wish I knew what all the other dialogue paths were... [hide]The crown troubles me, since it's the only thing I know of that could be used to find the Stone of Jas. I personally want that crown destroyed if possible, or at least I want to be certain Saradomin is convinced that he must not at any cost find or reveal the location of the Stone. We're all in trouble if it's used again, and I'd be willing to turn against him if he doesn't listen to reason and intends to use it. Otherwise, your plan is the same as mine. Side with Saradomin for the purpose of eliminating Bandos and Zamorak, who only seem to desire conflict itself.[/hide]
  6. I really enjoyed this quest! [hide]It's nice to actually talk to Saradomin at length, at long long last. I pretty much used neutral language, but I gave the wand willingly to get what was pretty much an objective and harmless judge of his motives. I figured that if he was genuinely virtuous, then he would by definition be a good person to entrust with that kind of power. If he wasn't, then he'll never be able to use the wand for his own benefit. I admit I did take the risk of him going full-on zombie army though, but that seemed unlikely considering his character and the personality of his religion. The way it turned out, I respect Saradomin more now. He's not really "The God of Order, Good and Peace", deep down he's a just a flawed mortal given great power, probably by chance, who is trying to be a hero by trying to meet such an unattainable pedestal. I'll likely be taking a more pro-Saradomin stance in the future, though he is perfectly capable of doing the wrong thing at times, like any mortal. [/hide]
  7. Happy birthday! :D

  8. I've designated this thread as the place to talk about RS3 post-launch. As we all knew, not everything in the game is quite polished enough, but it's better than I expected.
  9. It's a lot of stuff at once. New Interface, HTML5, Battle of Lumbridge, New Audio. Possibly other stuff I've forgotten.
  10. A client is in the works, I believe, but I don't think it will be ready for the launch. Same situation with Firefox, which I believe has a single issue which can only be fixed by Mozilla. A lot of this is to do with HTML5 standards which Jagex can't do much about. Internet Explorer is almost certainly off the cards for the medium term, and if you use that I would suggest migrating anyway. Anyway, woop! I knew it was right to hold off judgement about the BTS. Turns out this is a jam-packed month after all!
  11. It looks like the bulk of what should be in this BTS is going to come out on the 3rd for no given reason. Oh well, I hope it's good news and for a good reason! It's also good that we have a new boss to complete the level 90 weapons cycle. It looks like a really light month, but I'm going to hold off judgement until the 3rd.
  12. Hi, moved you over to RuneScape Media, since your stream seems to be about you playing RuneScape. May I suggest trying to lay out some goals for yourself to start with? Something unusual will probably be the best option if you want views. - Will H
  13. Thankfully I've never come across ticks in the wild, but to replace that I've got fleas, mosquitoes and midges to contend with, which deserve equal amounts of pain. Just found a whole row of bites on my waist this morning, must be that season again.
  14. Will H


    https://en.wikipedia..._classification It's a grade below. As far as I know, it's an archaic naming system that somehow survived to the present day. From top to bottom, with the abbreviation in brackets; First Class Honours (1st) Upper Second Class Honours (2:1) Lower Second Class Honours (2:2) Third Class Honours (3rd) Ordinary Degree (Pass) 2:1 and 2:2 are pronounced two-one and two-two respectively. The latter is sometimes called a "Desmond". Basically I got a pretty middling grade, but I'm happy with it because that whole course was seriously hard. Also, I totally should have checked whether Ginger had answered your question first.
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