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  1. DUH DUH DUH. This brings back memories! Expect to see me online mooching about again. :D
  2. Hey Jesus, long time no speak! Looks like you are still playing away. All the best!
  3. Hi Michael. Long time no speak mate. How's it going?

  4. Hi Drum. Don't know if you remember me. Recognise many names on here still. RS has changed lots i can see!
  5. Blimey it's been a while. I used to play a few years ago and was a Tip It regular! Been playing since 2004 on various accounts but the one I was known for was Smither Sid. Hi all.
  6. Nice one getting those levels wout. We haven't really spoken in a long time, catch you later :)
  7. Yeah it's on a few sites i belive :)
  8. Well done with all you have done so far leiky! :) Keep it up hun
  9. Yeah i had a look at the tutorial and kinda memorised it. It allows me to not stick to the tut and experiment a bit. This try was just a test :D Thanks :)
  10. What's wrong with that? It has been done alot but i thought i would try it out myself and let it be available to you guys....
  11. Thanks guys :) I used Photoshop CS3 using simple brushwork :)
  12. Hey all :) Thought i would let you guys see a wallpaper i made and download if you will. Download it from here: http://chazimcgee.deviantart.com/art/Glamour-117914291 Just click the download button at the side for a 1680x1050 res version :) Here is a small sample:
  13. Thanks for your replies guys :) I'm going to leave it for now and start on something else. Try and get lots of practice in :)
  14. It really frustrates me what has become of the gallery. Alot of people just hurl abuse at artists/sig makers and it really doesn't help. It does get a little frustrating but its easy to just help rather than get more worked up about it. Point them in the right direction and give the person tips on how to do certain techniques and what they achieve. Rather than point out the bad points, maybe recommend how to fix them. "Colour's wrong, flows wrong" doesn't really help them to improve, just what they did wrong. "Maybe add 'x' colour and use directional smudging and c4d's to create flow" Seems more fitting. Keep it up felix, all i can say is keep looking at tutorials and learning the skills :)
  15. Yayy well done leik on the barrows, if i could trade cash over, i would give you some as i don't need it :P Good luck getting the 30m :)
  16. For my deviantART: http://chazimcgee.deviantart.com/ Around 3 months old and i have changed in that time lol [hide=][/hide]
  17. Ha yeah, not so much anatomy, just being bothered with faces next time heheh.
  18. Thanks julius heheheh Yeah i know i cut a corner on that :P I am not experienced enough to do a proper face and the correct lighting to suit it so i just improvised.
  19. Hey all, long time since i posted here but i thought i would show you what's been going on art wise. Some may remember i bought a tablet and posted my first digital painting of a jet. I am now only on my 4th digi painting but i thought i would post it. Check out my deviantART if you want to see it there: http://chazimcgee.deviantart.com/ I also did some steps just so people could see how slow i was :P [hide=Large image width wise][/hide] Thinking of something i can do next to progress :) Nothing too technical but any ideas would be great. Thanks guys
  20. I remember you :) I used to look at your avatar in awe hehe. Lovely work
  21. First time i have logged onto tif in yonks :P Sad to see you leave gamey and i wish you all the best <3333333
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