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  1. The Guide is now yours! I give you premission to re-post it, or if a mod can give you edit ability that would be incredible.

    Good bye, my friend.

  2. I still have no idea why I have urges to Runecraft, I really blame you. By the way, your right row of skills looks... beautiful
  3. I'm into summoning right now, so Fiends. It's fairly common that I get a clue each trip.
  4. Everybody gets good drops but me, only a missed Dragon chain. WHAT?!!? Is that JIg in your chat? That's where that little pip went...
  5. Td's either love you, or hate you. I was about 600 dry before I got a Duo split *d'oh*
  6. I love DIY treasure trails. I'm currently doing the same, except with Level 3s. Trying to complete armor sets for my Costume Room. Best of luck in your goal! The rumors I've heard concerning level 2s is that they are best dropped by the Jogers on Karamja. Might be worth looking into. Plus you could receive and elusive champion scroll.
  7. It's actually quiet Epic at the Kalphite Queen, one of the last places I would have thought for it.
  8. There was an update to make Magic viable in Edge; Mage's are no longer interrupted while casting Spells, and are considered in combat. But I suppose we can debate Range, though I don't find Void to be the solution. Range can definetly hold its own, with such weapons as Zanik's crossbow, for rushers or praying retreaters. Hand cannon, while not incredibly accurate, still gives Range incredible KO potential, much like a Dark Bow. Remember, in Pk'ing, you mainly want larger hits for KOs. However, you don't want to rely on such weapons as primaries mostly, but even the popular Rune Crossbow stands up with great accuracy and good hits, great hits with Diamond and Dragonstone specials. For weapons like the Hand cannon and rune crossbow however, I find that accuracy plays a larger role, which is why I find Void a rather unnecessary move. While a max hit of 10-50 might be added with Void, you lose out on accuracy considerably, which is a major part in Cannon and Crossbow.
  9. Beat me to it: I lend you SGS, bring Veng Other and Special Transfer, and you get the Chain =p "That'll teach you to be generous!"
  10. Deflect do as much damage as a Recoil, and not consistently. Leeches are the best options for Curses, until Turmoil. If you can't use Leech Range, don't bother.
  11. Don't be discouraged if you mess up the first few times, it is tricky to first learn. After a few trips, you'll get the hang of it.
  12. If I might toot my own horn: http://forum.tip.it/topic/245758-smoke-runecrafting-quick-read-32-40k-exp-per-hour/ This is how I got to 75 Runecrafting. Less annoying then ZMI in my opinion, very fast, can be profitable, and easy once you get the hang of it.
  13. Fair enough. Let's take a closer look: Fire Surge is on the Modern spellbook, where, conveniently, Teleblock also resides. Fire Surge is the most accurate Spell ingame, and is actually viable for toe-to-toe combat, Edge Pk'ing, and other situations. However, there are many faults with the modern spellbook, so lets look at the gifts Zaros has given us: Ancient Magic and Curses. Pk'ing at the Mage Bank or other high level wild spots are very viable, especially conjoined with Leech Run, which drains opponents energy by 30% each time it activates. Let's not forget the Spells either, Ice still being the most practical and efficient, but, perhaps more devastating to any would-be-heros, are Miasmics. With a max of 425 or so, and the ability to slow weapons, any opponent will be greatly hindered, while you remain at full power, increasing at every moment with Leech bonuses. Oh, and as far as Magic vs. Hybrid, its very feasible. You need knowledge and instinct, but its very possible. Look at Duel Tournaments: you could use Magic on almost every duel and pull through, if you are smart about it. With a Whip, SGS, DDS, Void Melee and Piety, I couldn't kill DutchPlease once in the Duel arena, while he used Fire Surge. I'm only 10-15 combat levels higher then him, and I lost. I even brought along Void Range and Karils cross to hybrid in, and he still pulled through with a victory. That's Edge Pk'ing tactics right there, with a Mage beating the [cabbage] out of a level 130.
  14. Gonna keep this updated? I hope Istanbul (not Constantinpal) was enjoyable. Oh, and since you are so close to Barbarian Assault, if you ever fancy a game, I'm usually up for one!
  15. A bump for a Wonderful player who's blog is always nice to read, and whose integrity I wish I had for this game.
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