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  1. yea it was. was not expecting that at all. finished it be4 i went out and said woah! lmfao.
  2. sold cs rewards and bought tassets so not ganna have anymore pcing just the clues xD
  3. Pretty shocking to me tbh. but ill have the next set of clues probably up by tommoro the day after at the latest. on like 176 right now
  4. thank you. working on them right now tbh. ganna hang on to the stuff this go just let it pile up till i get ranger boots.
  5. Clues 101-150 Are Now Up!! Comment Please And yes the clues are in the order of which i got them!.
  6. yea i can already afford ranger boots. but that would deffeat the purpose =P went out for a bit got like 3 more clues to do then ill have them posted.
  7. Look for the next 50 clues here in like an hour or so. wont be dissapointed!!
  8. never really thought about those. ive pretty much just stayed at guards my entire csing time. seeing as i can just 1 hit them half the time. wouldnt mind getting another champion scroll tho tbh =)
  9. Hey everyone who cares =) back doin lvl 2 clues. kinda lost my mind and went to get 99 mage but now im ganna go back to csing and try for those ranger boots. prob post new stats n such just for fun but ill have the next 50 post hopfully tonight if not by tommoro so look for them! thx -1 800 klutch
  10. also btw ive heard that jogres are a good place to get lvl 2 clues but i have never tried them anyone think that they are a good place to get lvl 2 clues? lemme know pls :mrgreen:
  11. lol sorry i havnt been csing for a whileeeee was skilling and slaying but ill get back on it now. tbh i did a lvl 2 clue from my daganoth task and got a str ammy (t) didnt pic it for some reason but yea ganna start back up with my clues now. get the next 50 posted asap. :thumbsup:
  12. Prob wont have the nexxt 50 done for a while finally decided to finish rfd so ganna get barrows gloves be4 i continue csing. just thought id let you all know :mrgreen:
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