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  1. since i cant find the aftermath thread, here is what i got from the TET event
  2. If you lose a Chaotic you should do all the 2m exp of work to get it back again. if you know your risking you should know the procedure to get it back /discussionover. EDIT: Didn't realise this thread was resurrected.
  3. Not to sound rude or whatever, but why don't you post a picture when you actually get a god damn sigil. Because this is a picture thread? Herp. Random unspam. Funky verac.
  4. actually, I'm the only one i can tell whos doing this. I recognise absoultely no names from my clan in others. and i dont mind what sigil i get, aslong as i get one.
  5. [hide=rage][/hide] apparently hopping from my usual mass team so i could be a lsp leader in another, and missing a divine and arcane in my normal mass, isnt enough for jagex.
  6. After you get/if you get a sigil invest in overloads so you can actually corp correctly Lol the three people dying in that picture... Is that normal?? umad i dont have ovls? why do you think im here.... And i die all the time, i dont concentrate much at mass.
  7. I don't care what sigil i get, but hopefully it wont take half a year aha. The fc/cc is sigilpl0x. Its 120cb for melee, or 90+ range. its 24/7, anyone who meets the requirement is welcome to come along :) Btw, whos Animal?? PSS, rarer than sigil? :L
  8. How much was that in total? You filled coffins? And yeah how much was that.
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